For the title to come across correctly, you need to sing it.
Bali, Bali, Bali! 
Boy 3 started singing this on the flight from Singapore to Bali and that little tune ended up being super funny between the two of us.  We would sing it constantly.  The others didn't think it was a fun and funny as we did.

Upon arrival to Bali I was a little surprised by the amount of TRAFFIC!
You can't really tell from this picture but as with all countries that we visited on this trip the steering wheel is on the right hand side and they drive on the left.
I am glad we did not rent a car!
When we got to our villa,  (Bali Sanur Beach Villas) we were all happy campers! 
Want a tour?
Of course you do!

Here we go... 
The entrance:
The pool!
It wasn't long until everyone was in their swimsuits enjoying our own private pool!
The perfect place to read a book:
The master suite:
I LOVED this bathtub!
Super long and extra deep.
I also love the sandstone wall hanging.
The 3 little ones were excited to share a room.
Since it wasn't connected directly to us we caught them many nights staying up WAY too late watching TV and playing.  For them it was perfect!  And what great memories....
"Remember that time in Bali when we had our own room and we stayed up all night watching TV Mom & Dad didn't even know..."
(oh, we knew...)
I was happy they had their own bathroom.  :o)
(and that there wasn't TOO MUCH fighting - don't get me wrong - there was some!)
Boy 1, was MORE than thrilled to have his own suite with his OWN private bathroom.
We had a full kitchen - which we really didn't use. 
I mean this was my vacation too - no cooking for this momma. 
And a sitting area.
I would have been happy to stay here MUCH LONGER than one week.

After we settled in and swam a bit we headed out for a little dinner.
And dinner was DELICIOUS!
We ate at Three Monkey's in Sanur - it turned out to be our favorite restaurant in Sanur even though it was a little more expensive than most restaurants in that area.  (But way less than what we would pay in the states.)
We ended our evening with a stroll on the beach....
Bali, Bali, Bali!
5/4/2013 08:05:31 am

What a cool place to stay.....


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