Last Sunday Hubby and I had a date morning since we missed our weekly Saturday night date. I had researched a couple of places and it was a toss up between Pancake Story and Butterfinger Pancake.  We picked Pancake story based on distance and good solid driving directions.  It is just too bad that when reading reviews I did not notice that Pancake Story is CLOSED on Sundays.  BUMMER!  So we did what any good couple would do, we walked down the street about 3 store fronts till we found Bim Bom Natural Kitchen and Café:
And just our luck, they have Best Brunch!
(Even though I wasn't sold at this point...I had spied a little Vietnamese place down the street that was calling my name, however Hubby was pretty set on eating a traditional breakfast - I could have had a bowl of Pho and called it breakfast and lunch :.)
Once we were inside any thoughts I have of Pho went out the window and I was pretty sure I was going to love this place.
We ordered the Bim Bom's Special Plate for 42,000 won:
It came out on this 3 tier cake plate.
Mostly because it had to, our table was *tiny*, as were all the tables. 
I think the restaurant sat MAYBE 15 people comfortably.
This was my FAVORITE!! 
Before sunrise crepe.
Crispy crepe on bottom, bacon, over-medium egg with fresh arugula and the perfect amount of balsamic glaze.
My second favorite and close runner up was the Eggs Norwegian.
And the Fruit French Toast won Hubby's vote.
Korean style Milk bread French toast cooked till the edges are a little crisp with sautéed strawberries and bananas, toasted almond slivers, drizzled with strawberry syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar. 
You really can't go wrong with that.
This is a great little place where they cook everything fresh to order and if you sit as close as we did you can watch them make it all for you.  :o)
Bim Bom is open 7 days a week:
Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM
Sun - 9AM - 6PM

To drive here from post:
Exit Commissary gate - turn left
Stay right -
Turn right onto Itaewon Street
Turn left on Daesagwan-ro - this street has a light.  (You will be going through a street with many lights and lots of people walking - near Hannam Village)
Come to the end of the street and turn left onto Dokeseodang-ro  (you will go under a highway of sorts- Hannam-daero and straight across)
Right after you go under Hannam-daero  Bim Bom will be on your left about 3 or 4 stores in...Pancake Story is on the corner then you will see Banana Grill and then Bim Bom.
(Dr. Sung's office is right across the street.)
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HI Trish! I also ate at Bim Bom. I found your website on the internet when searching for info about Bim Bom! Love your post and pics! I linked your blog to mine when I also posted about Bim Bom! Hope you don't mind!

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