A couple of weeks ago we were reminiscing about our previous time in Korea when we remembered a hike we went on - one that we LOVED.  It was drizzling rain when we went; there were tons of boulders to play on, and ropes to help you pull yourself up the mountain.  We decided to try it again just to see if it would be as fun as we remembered - and it was - actually it was more fun!  :o)

To get there take subway line #4 to Gwacheon Station take exit #7  and walk straight up the path.   You are certain to see many, many hikers and at this point you might be thinking that you are totally underdressed.
You will go through this cute little tunnel filled with children's art work....you are sure to stop and take a few cute photos.  :o)
Hiking is serious business here in Korea -
Make sure you stretch it out before your hike!
And if you are not sure how to hike just check out the lady in green. 
She has great tips.
When you get to the end of the path you can go either left or right. 
Both ways will take you to a trail.
We like going right.
Walk maybe 50 steps and you will see this set of stairs across the street on your left side (right across from the church).
I was a tad bit worried after hiking for a few minutes Boy 3 was tired and had to take a break.
Luckily for all of us, this was the only time he got tired.
Wishing it had been a clear day...
Boy 2 was the star of the hike, posing for me anytime I wanted to take a picture.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the natural beauty in Seoul.
He is just cute.
We made it to the top!
(Well, to the top of where we were going anyway.)
This picture was 4 years ago in the same place. 
My how they have grown!  :o)
As always, if you aren't getting enough exercise on the hike you can always stop at an exercise area to kick it up a notch.
Boy 1 had a GREAT time on the hike.
Boy 2 had the best find of the day!
This boy had NO FEAR.
Which in turn FREAKS ME OUT.
This hike was so beautiful!
And the kids had a ball.
Win-win in my book!
If you look closely you can see flower petals floating through the air.
Great day, great hike.
Great kids.
I love my life.
5/31/2013 08:47:11 pm


5/31/2013 10:46:20 pm

Wow...I just went on a mini. (Laying in bed at 2am) hike in korea....thanks yo Trish and family :) loved it

8/23/2013 03:54:46 pm

Looks like a great hike. I've only been to Namsan in Seoul but I've been impressed with the beauty of the area too. Hey, is that water spigot drinkable water?


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