One of our favorite things to do in Korea is to hike.
I was particularly excited to hike Seoraksan in the fall.
Ahhh, Beautiful Korea....

I'm not sure what these roof tiles were going to be used for but I thought they were super cool.
There are even crowds on the hiking trails in Korea....
Girl wasn't feeling well so Boy 1 stayed at the base of the mountain with her.  I think it was a ploy because when we got back they had been having a great time hanging out together - they  had played in water, skipped rocks and texted me a million times asking when we would be done.

On the mountain the boys were getting along great...I love it when that happens!
Not even close...
The views on this hike was A M A Z I N G ! !
I can't get over it.
Koreans can drink.
Even at the top of the mountain they stop for a little makkoli!
I'm afraid I would fall down and break my neck!
We made it!
4KM to the top!
This our stunning view!
Heading back down.
3.5 hours from home and we run into friends on the mountain.
I'm always amazed when something like this happens.
This took about 4 hours round trip. 
It was tough in some areas.
Not for the faint of heart.

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