I have been in a total blogging funk. 
I lost a ton of pictures (about 1 month worth) and I have been searching and searching for them.  I KNOW I downloaded them and put them in Lightroom because I always download AND PLUS I edited a few for Facebook.  But after searching for over a month I cannot find them anywhere.  So because of that I have been in a FUNK, FUNK, FUNK.   And to make my funk even worse for some reason the pictures from the same dates from Hubby's camera are still on the computer and still in Lightroom.  I think it is a conspiracy.  I don't know what the conspiracy is, but I'm pretty sure there is one.

SO....all of these pictures are from Hubby's camera, however he doesn't take as many photos as I do.  I also take pictures of 'how to get there' so I can tell you guys in detail, but alas those pictures are gone, so I will give you directions but they won't be as good as they normal.

We hiked this back in September.
We planned to hike Buramsan, but think we ended up on Suraksan.
Take line 4 to Danggogae - the very last stop.   Just get off the subway and follow the other hikers.   I remember seeing a GS convenience store turning right...it looks like you are heading into a neighborhood....but just keep going I'm sure you will end up on a mountain somewhere.

This was a really fun but hard hike.  We went as high as we could, but we couldn't finish it because it we would have needed clips and rope to finish.  About 3/4 of the way into the hike I starting having mini anxiety attacks because I was afraid one of the kids fall off the side of the mountain.  This hike is not for beginners....unless you just hike the beginning part of it. If you have kids with you or you are not an advanced hiker turn back once it starts getting hard  because it never gets easier after that.

And so it began...just like any other hike.
Then we happened upon this cute little temple.
The monkey statues were adorable.
As were 3 of our little monkeys.
One of the kids favorite things about hiking in Korea!
1/2 way up ICE CREAM!!!
This wasn't even the hardest part!
This is the highest we went.
After about 3/4 of the way up the kids started getting high fives and thumbs up from random strangers.
The view was AMAZING.
See those rock climbers to the right of my head? 
That's pretty much what the rest of this hike was.
I would like to do this hike 1 more time, without the kids before we move...maybe in the spring.
Happy Hiking!
12/26/2013 05:20:01 pm

The temple, I guess, is Hahklim-Sah(Sah means temple) in Surahk-Sahn(Sahn means mountain).


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