On our last Saturday night here back in April of 2010 we went out with our friends Randy, Tammy, Brent and Beth.  We had a FABULOUS night that started out with an awesome dinner at an all you can eat Korean Buffet.  When Hubby and I found out we were moving back to Seoul we knew we wanted to find the "all you can eat Korean buffet" and since Beth and Brent still live here we were certain they would know where it is.  Well, that last night out we took a cab and we went through alleys, up and down hills and we got lost - Beth & Brent had no idea where this place was and they were hoping we knew.    A call to Randy and Tammy was in order and we all crossed our fingers in hopes that they would be able to give us directions and guess what - THEY REMEMBERED!!  

So last weekend Hubby and I headed out in search of the "all you can eat Korean Buffet".  AND WE FOUND IT!!  OH YEAH BABY!  
As with many things this buffet wasn't as good as we remembered it but that is NOT to say it was not good and that we won't go back because we will.  I'm just saying that our last Saturday night is Seoul was so fabulous that we were expecting more. (It could have had something to do with the cocktails we had before, during and after....) Anyway, we WILL go back and we will most definitely take the kids back.  This is a great place for those of you that just like the meat and rice (like our kids) as it is 'all you can eat'...
Some of the sides:
The 'leaf' part to beef and leaf.
Since it is an all you can eat buffet Hubby and I tried pretty much everything.  Here is a sampling of our seafood:
(Please notice the beer in back...that was not intentional, although it did make me laugh.)
((Can you believe I am in my 40's?))
You may find this surprising especially if you have been following me for a while, (and after my trip to Japan back in'09)  but see that little squid?  DELICIOUS.   Really.  I loved eating him.  Like the two pictures?  The one on the left is pre-cooking, the one on the right - they are done.  They totally swell up.  Crazy watching them cook.
This little guy was pretty good too.  As well as the eel in the back.
However this....I have NO IDEA what this is.  It was in a shell of sorts.  When it cooked it started growing.  It kind of reminded me of a penis. I could NOT eat this.  Even looking at it now kind of freaks me out and makes me shiver.
OK - How do you get to the all you can eat Korean buffet?  It is kind of a long haul from post, but it is fun and it is an adventure.  If you must, take a cab.

From Post -
Go out the Itaewon gate. Stay on the right hand side.
Walk all the way to the first big intersection.  You know the one - the one with the light.  The Hamilton Hotel is on the left and the only way you can turn is right.  (If you turn left you will be in the Hamilton Hotel.)
Cross the street and turn right. At this point you have about a mile to go.
Walk, walk, walk....you will be going downhill.
When you come to another big intersection and streets are going every which way continue as straight as possible, the street will kind of veer left and downhill - this is the straightest way possible....continue on.
Still going downhill. It feels like forever.  Just when you are about to give up you will see it on your left.  The tables are lined and the picture of the restaurant is at the top of this page. 
Have fun and enjoy!! 
7/19/2012 09:59:04 am

Sounds great, but I'm not sure I could eat there and not think of your penis comment. Yeesh.

7/19/2012 10:11:58 am

LOL...sorry! :o)

7/19/2012 10:21:53 am

You know I would try it!!

7/19/2012 09:31:11 pm

So glad we were able to direct you to it! So jealous! ;-) Love ya!

8/29/2014 12:56:06 pm

Hi. Could you please furbish just a little more details (location, way to go) etc? I would totally love to try the buffet too! Thank you! :)

12/28/2014 12:47:20 am

Can you spare more details on how to get here or the name of the restaurant?

2/3/2015 09:12:23 am

the buffet is no longer in there. we want last friday (January 30, 2015). There is a resto that exist in that place but it is no longer a buffet.


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