Neighbors think I'm crazy.
Maybe I am a little.
But I LOVE monsoon season.
Really, I do.
I like sitting outside on the back porch in the morning drinking coffee and just taking it all in.
I love the sound of rain pouring off the side of my house.....
I really like running in the rain. 
This day I almost drown while running up hill, so on my way down the hill when the rain took a break I had to snap a picture - check out the rain pouring out the drain on the wall.
It was seriously fun.
I was seriously NOT PRETTY when I returned home.
I LOVE dragging my friends outside to workout in the rain.
**If you follow me on FB you will know all about this. 
We work on in the park 4 mornings a week, rain, shine or monsoon!
My friends were not sure about this, but in the end we laughed so hard it was a bonus work out.
But the thing I love the most about the rain and monsoon season ~
The giggles, laughter, squeals and puddles.
Yes, I'm one of those moms.
I send my kids out in the rain.
Then I hide and take pictures.  :o)
It's a win, win for all.

I mean check out that smile:
This was the last pictures I was able to snap before I was caught:
BUSTED!  :o)
So the next time it rains, don't be a hater.
Embrace it.
Love it.
Send your kids out in it....
Heck, go out with your kids in it.
Splash in puddles.
Make memories.
PS.....If there is lightening, stay in side.  :o)
8/30/2013 09:57:58 am

Mom and I are loving the pictures!!


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