Korean Fact #287
Korean couples like to dress alike.
They are cute like that.
Today my girlfriend Beth and I and were out shopping and we just happened to be in this really swanky store in the Miligore shopping center in Dongdaemun where nothing was under 100,000 won when we found this awesome "his and hers" sweatshirt set:
I wonder if Hubby would wear this with me on Valentines day.   
2/2/2013 08:02:00 pm

So, should we expect to see you and your husband sporting these around base soon?

2/2/2013 08:08:20 pm

OMGosh & shut the front door! Yes, you and Jer need matching outfits! Still cracking me up...that also would be a cool bride/groom gift.... always spreading sunshine my friend!

2/6/2013 08:55:38 am

Sweet! You gotta love this place.


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