After taking the kids to the Trick Eye Museum, we ventured out to Pet Alley in Dongdaemun.
Pet Alley: where you can find anything you ever wanted for a pet and several things you never wanted for a pet. 
                                                                PETA would have a field day here.
Well, they are kind of like hamsters.
Hens, roosters and chicks, oh my!
Birds anyone?  There are THOUSANDS of them here!
If you are looking for fish, this is the place to go.  You can get fresh water or salt water fish.
I love this guy....I wish he hadn't been so big.  I love that it looks like he has Chinese writing on him.
I totally thought these frogs were plastic.  They are not - they are REAL!!!
I love these little smilie face crabs! :)
Hermit crabs anyone?
Really?  Water bugs for sale?  Who would have thought?
We had told our kids we would buy them a milk snake in Korea.....we didn't realize they were going to be almost 200,000 won!  Aggg....something we had to go back on.  I just can't see spending that much money on something we will be giving away in 2 years.  I hate going back on my word.....
After keeping the kids out all day we thought we should feed them, and what better food to eat than street food?!
We have wanted to try these French fry covered corn dogs for a long time, and tonight was the night!  Now I know his face doesn't look like he is all that excited, but let me tell you we all LOVED the French fry corn dog!  We liked it better than the other corn dog, I'm not sure what the other one is....maybe panko covered?  Anyway, the French fry dog was the best!   (The other one was good too, and it will do when the French fry one isn't around.)
Then we tried a little processed meat on a stick.  We really don't know what it was, but it was good and Boy 2 liked it more than he liked the French fry corn dog.
Hubby had some sort of fried kimchi...again, another winner! 
To get to pet alley  - take exit 6 Dongmyo subway stop....walk straight, cross a couple of alleys, continue to the big intersection.  Turn right JUST BEFORE you cross the Cheonggyecheon stream.  You will be walking with pet alley on your right and the Cheonggyecheon stream on the left.
10/16/2012 04:13:44 am

That is crazy!!

10/13/2013 09:05:45 pm

Hello, I am an 11 year old kid living in Seoul and I just started a blog. I am doing a post about pet alley and I saw your amazing picture at the very beginning of this post. Can I borrow it?

10/18/2013 04:34:45 pm

Hi Ryan!

Thanks for asking. Yes, you may use my picture. :O)

Jessica Cannon-Lear
7/29/2017 02:44:06 am

Figured I'd help ya out. Here is another way to pet alley.
Directions to pet alley- Dongdaemun Station: Exit 7 Walk left before the Cheonggye Stream walking eastward. You will find Pet Alley about 300m down.


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