Back in July Beth invited me to a girls night in the city.  She won a weekend stay at a groovy hotel in downtown Seoul. She took her hubby for the first night and me the night. SWEET....2 girls on the town, but wait...we were a pitiful sight - I had just finished running 16 miles in 2 days and could barely walk and she had a little bit of a wine headache from her night out with her Hubby.   It didn't really matter though, we had a great time hanging out in the naked spa where I tried the ice bath.  I know it is a bit controversial, but hey, I was in pain so I tried it.  And guess what?!  It TOTALLY WORKS....I wasn't sore at all the following day!  Ice baths work.  I've done them after all long runs since then!   Don't beat me up if you don't believe, and if you have never tired it, you should.  10 minutes in an ice bath and bam - what achy joints?!  You know the other thing that works?  Hair of the dog.  That's right we had wine too and you know what?!  Beth's headache disappeared.  It's amazing.

Anyway, the next morning we went adventure seeking near Namdaemum where we happened upon this little park of fun. 
Beth found a boyfriend.
And so did I.
I think my guy is cuter.
I can't help but laugh.
(Get mind out of gutter - or toilet.)
Namdaemun Gate
I know you know, but you can shop ANYWHERE in this city...
 <--- this is the staircase going down into the subway.
I considered getting this sweet little gem for my new GREAT nephew Charlie.
(haha....just kidding Stacy!)
And we both agreed that we need to find this outfit for your Hubby's.
It isn't an outing in Korea in July without a little monsoon rain.  We went out with 2 umbrellas, came back with one.  Not that it mattered as we were soaked all the way through to our undies.
Thanks for the super fun adventure Beth!  :o)
8/17/2013 12:59:44 pm

I second, third and fourth ice baths! And ice massage works, too.

8/17/2013 02:21:48 pm

Thank goodness u didn't get it. Lol!!


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