We had high hopes for this restaurant as it is very close to our house: just exit the walk out gate, turn right, cross the street and bam, there it is - maybe a 10 minute walk.

After looking over the menu I decided on Jjamppong - otherwise known as spicy seafood soup.  Yes, I'm totally excited!  Seafood soup that you cook at your table - it served 2-3.  The kids were ordering something different. 
When I ordered our server, the lady pictuered below said "NO" and gave us the little 'x' with her fingers and then she said 2.  I again told her 1 order of soup, not 2 orders of soup.  She said "NO" again with the little finger 'x', but her no was stronger and she waved her hand in front of her mouth like it was hot.  I tried to order it again giving her the thumbs up that I am OK with spicy.  Then I got the BIG  arm cross "X".  No.  No soup.  Then she waved her hand at me and walked off and I could tell she was totally annoyed with me.  For real?  I thought they must be out of soup and I just misunderstood.
So when she came back (still seeming annoyed) I ordered Bibimbap.
Which was totally YUMMY.
Then the ladies at this table came into the restaurant.  We were finished with our meal when THE SOUP NAZI  delivered MY SOUP to these ladies!!!  Are you kidding me?  It was the EXACT SOUP  I was trying to order.  GRRRR......  I'm not sure where the miscommunication was, I still want my jjampong!  I totally felt like I was in this episode of Seinfeld. (Seriously, click the link.  Instead of an Italian accent imagine a Korean one.)
In the end our meal was good, and the boys have had a fun time mimicking our Soup Nazi.
Anytime I mention soup this is what I get now:
The big arm cross 'X'.
Followed by their best interpretation of the Soup Nazi:

(I still have NO IDEA why I couldn't have jjampong.)
FOLLOW UP:  I now know why I could not have jjampong.  It does not SERVE 2-3 people, you have to order 2-3 servings to order this!  Thank you to my readers for setting me straight! 

I'm not so grumpy anymore.  :)
9/17/2012 11:19:09 am

I teach at at International school in Seoul where there are so many students who don't speak our language of instruction (German) when they get there that communication can be a huge challenge. Regardless of the language used in class or at home(there are dozens), one of the first things they learn is 'ah-ni-oh!' plus arm cross. Even though it's a German school, ALL of them know the Korean word for 'no!' and the sign for it- even the kindergarteners! We use it at home all the time, too!

So sorry you didn't get your soup, though! Definitely not fair.

9/18/2012 09:24:09 am

Did you see the reason why below? Answered by Mary & Joy? I'm not annoyed anymore. It's all a learning curve! :)

We use the arm cross at home too.

9/17/2012 12:09:39 pm

Thank you for always making me smile during a bad day. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! Crazy lady didn't know who she was dealing with!

9/17/2012 12:11:02 pm

Hysterical!! Only in Korea! Since it fed 2 she was probably annoyed that you would order and only eat half, haha

9/17/2012 12:58:45 pm

This made me laugh! : ) Me and Dan went to see the Soup Nazi in NY years ago...and we still talk about that visit.

9/17/2012 01:06:34 pm

I know why!! We also went through this. It's because you have to order for two people, it's not worth it to them to only serve one serving. It HAS to be two.

9/17/2012 06:31:12 pm

Yep, you gotta order for the limit of 2 people. Next time pretend you are ordering for two people and you will get it. You can't really get single sized portions at regular Korean restaurants like that. You might want to try delivery, although I don't if they can deliver to base. Usually they deliver with a large pot already made of the soup and a gas burner to use that you give back.

9/18/2012 09:21:18 am

I don't know how I lived in Korea for 2 years before and never knew this little fact. I thought the 2-3 meant it would serve 2-3 people, not that 2-3 people had to order it.

Thanks to you and Mary for setting me straight! I'm not so annoyed anymore! :)


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