Fried chicken has always been one of my favorites.  I loved those nights when mom would stand over the stove for hours frying up chicken in her big ol' cast iron skillet.  OR on Sunday after church when everyone would come over and we would stop at Grandy's Fried Chicken on the way home.  There was nothing like it.

UNTIL Korea.
Koreans LOVE their chicken.
But you can't just have chicken here, you have to have beer with it here too. 
Who knew?
OH, and Korean Fried chicken is THE BOMB!! 
True story.  Again....who knew?
I might even like it better than mom's fried chicken, but please don't tell her I said that.  Wait a minute, she would probably like that.  I can't imagine she enjoyed standing over that hot stove cooking fried chicken for hours.  On second thought go ahead and tell her.

For lunch bunch several weeks ago we went out for Chicken and Beer.  The place we were going to go was closed for some reason or another, so we walked around just a bit and found this place.  Kang Jung Box.
Not quite a cast iron skillet....and much less oil. :o)
We ordered several different types of chicken.  My favorite type here is the spicy soy/garlic.  With a Cass beer of course.
My mouth is watering....I think Chicken and beer is going to be in our near future....
Regular fried chicken and some shrimp on the side for good measure.
Notice that they cut their chicken up differently.  They cut breast into at least 3 pieces.
We filled up this tiny restaurant!
To drive here from post:
Exit Commissary gate - turn left
Stay right - Turn right onto Itaewon Street 
Turn left on Daesagwan-ro - this street has a light. 
(You will be going through a street with many lights and lots of people walking - near Hannam Village)
Kang Jung Box will be on your right hand side just before the crazy 4 way stop....
(Sorry, that is the best I can do on directions.)
12/4/2013 02:49:46 am

Think I'll fry some chicken!!

12/4/2013 02:50:28 am

NOT!! but i could!


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