In Singapore we stayed on Sentosa Island at the Silso Beach Resort Club.  It is an eco-friendly resort that boast lush & beautiful landscaping with a pool that is filled with natural spring water.   The rooms were pretty standard are not anything to write home about, but really, how often are you in your room on vacation anyway?  And when you have a pool & grounds this amazing and a beach only steps away...well, one can suffer with just a standard room. :o) 
Isn't it beautiful?
Flying children!
As you can tell by the title, we had only 2 full days in Singapore so we took a vote on what to do and Universal Studios won!
We spent all day at Universal where a great time was had by all.  We were able to make it through the park and ride all rides in 8 hours.  We rode many of the rollercoaster multiple times because for some reason even thought it was busy people were not in line for the ROLLER COASTERS!!  Go figure!

Boy 2 was a good big brother and took Boy 3 on this 'baby ride'. 
This was all the 'water' rides, they sold rain ponchos - AND PEOPLE BOUGHT THEM!
I couldn't figure that one out - it was so hot  that we welcomed getting doused with water! 
It is a good thing we only had 2 days in Singapore as all things were super expensive.
Check out these prices:

This first is a picture from Chili's (yeah, we ate there!).
(One Margarita = 14.55 USD!)
And Ben & Jerry's ice cream - HOLY COW!
(USD = 11.73!)
On day 2 we went to the mainland and hit Chinatown and went to Buddha's Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.
Girl was less than thrilled when she discovered she had to cover herself. 
I think she looks cute.  :o)
After the museum we headed down to the food vendor street for a little street food.
The kids were uber excited as they got to have 2 sodas each.  I think this was the highlight of their trip to Chinatown!
Just a few of the carriers in the ocean bring goods into Singapore:
My favorite part of Singapore where I would run each morning:
4/27/2013 07:53:19 pm

Trish, I love this. Just beautiful!

4/27/2013 10:23:35 pm

Beautiful, beautiful!!!

Tina Wolford
4/27/2013 11:41:44 pm

WOW.....getting more and more excited for our PCS!!!!


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