OMGoodness. Are you kidding me? We had MORE water balloons and Popsicles than last year? How can that be?  Our party at least doubled in size.  With more than 5,000 water balloons, 1,600 Popsicles this party was total INSANITY.

Kids across the neighborhood started asking me about the water balloon and Popsicle party BEFORE school was even out last year!  Several of them told me they bought their water balloons early so they could secure their spot at our party.  It warmed my heart to know how much all the kids (including mine!) were looking forward to this years back to school bash.  I had a few kids tell me "I can't wait, but I can wait....oh it's so hard.  It's such a fun party, but we have to start school 3 days later."

The rules were almost the same as last year, however we did add a little kid area & we talked about Popsicles.

I had all the kids sit in the grass while parents strategically placed balloons around the play equipment and I went over the rules:

#1 - you must sit here until I tell you to go
#2 - you must eat as many Popsicles as you can WITHOUT throwing up
#3 - anyone over the age of 5 is not allowed in the little kid section 
#4 - no water balloons to the face
#5 - do NOT throw balloons at parents with cameras
#6 - after the water balloon fight eveyone that participates MUST help clean up broken water balloons!
#7 - HAVE FUN!

I had a team of paparazzi on one of the balcony's capturing photos this year.  MANY of the photos in this post are from my good friend and neighbor jrstinson.  She does amazing things with her camera!  I feel bless to have so many amazing shots from her!  Thanks J!
I ran out of room on the back porch and we had to start putting the balloons on the grass.
Watch the slide show for more of the story. 
If there is a picture of your child in here and you would like it feel free to contact me and I will send it to you.
12/4/2013 02:55:02 am

I'm sorry I thought I had made a comment!! Love all the colors of the balloons!! The kids look very cute!!

12/4/2013 03:03:54 am

The pictures are great, I do love the one of the balloon popping on the boys sholder, fantastic!!


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