I'm a blessed Mom.  I feel honored (95%of the time - the other 5% of the time I feel totally crazy) to be able to stay home with our kids and I am thrilled when I get to go on field trips!  This field trip TOPPED all other field trips as it was SUPER COOL because we took the SUBWAY as a class to Seoul Grand Park.  THE SUBWAY!!  How fun is that?  Not to mention that we took the subway in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.  (I hope our kids realize how blessed they are too!) I didn't take the subway until I was 20 years old!  Have I mentioned how much I love living here and how much I love the experiences and life lessons our children are getting? 

We had the most volunteers I have ever seen volunteer for a field trip: 17 Adults to 25 kids.  That's right, not even 2 kids per adult and the teacher had a super easy day!  :)
Seoul Grand Park is a zoo and so much more!  There are botanical gardens, a sky lift, an amusement park, camping and more.   Today we stuck to the zoo. 
I don't even know what this is....
I have a thing for flamingos.
Isn't this a sweet baby?
This girl makes me laugh.
OK...I'm really proud of this photo....I took it TRHOUGH a fence and I did not use photo shop or edit this picture in any way!!  I'm lovin' figuring out my camera. 

                                                         Did you notice she has a baby in her pouch?
I can't wait to live in Costa Rica and have these bad boys in my back yard! 
He is so cute but looks like he could go totally psycho in a matter of seconds.
Hey baby, how you doin'?
All the 5th grade boys got a kick out of this sign.
There is beautiful scenery throughout the park.
This is where we had lunch.  These little huts are throughout parks all over in Korea.  People sit to talk, have lunch and often times nap on these.
It was a perfect day to be in 5th grade again.  :)

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