Lesson #1 - Don't drive to E-Mart on the weekend.
Lesson #2 - When driving to E-Mart during the week, pull into the parking garage - just when you think you need to pull a ticket the bar goes up and lets you in.  No tickets needed.  They just took a photo of your license plate stamped with the time you arrived!  (How awesome is that?) No fear of losing that stinkin' parking ticket!
Lesson #3 - Shopping carts, sure their shopping carts are just like shopping carts you find in the states, EXCEPT they are all chained together!  How do you get one?  Put 100 won in the slot and unlock the cart.  Take your cart inside and shop away. 
Lesson #4 - E-Mart shopping carts are magical - they will stay in place while going up and down a moving ramp.  You don't even need to hold on.
Lesson #6 - E-Mart is Super Target on steroids.
Melon Turtles. They really do taste like melons. YUM-O!
Lesson #7 - E-Mart does not have shopping bags or baggers.  You put everything in your shopping cart and take it to the 'Self Packing Zone'.
Lesson #7 - In the self packing zone there are boxes, scissors, tape and plastic ribbon stuff for tying your box together.   You do it yourself.
Lesson #8 - Take your boxes to your car.  Return your shopping cart to the shopping carts that are chained together.  Get your 100 won back.
Lesson #9 - Keep your receipts handy.  When exiting the parking lot you have to go through a parking lot toll....if you spent enough money parking is free.  (I always spend enough money.)  Exit the parking lot. 

Lesson #10 - Just like Super Target, you will always spend too much money at E-Mart.
8/25/2012 10:13:59 pm

Shopping carts in Germany use the same system.

8/25/2012 10:30:52 pm

Aldi markets have the same system in place here, cost a Quarter to leave the shopping cart in the parking lot.

8/26/2012 12:53:30 am

I can't tell you how many times I've said "I miss Emart! The kids too! They loved those cart escalator thingys.

8/26/2012 03:53:00 am

What the h...You replaced a lovely photo of your family with a picture of...a bridge?

8/26/2012 06:26:21 am

They will be back soon enough. Thanks for noticing. :)

8/26/2012 06:26:58 am

Wouldn't that make things much better in the USA? I think so! Boy, would people complain about having to put their carts back!

8/26/2012 06:27:26 am

They have that in NJ!

8/26/2012 06:42:44 am

One of the things you forgot to mention was that E-Mart has amazing samples, but it is a full contact sport! ;o)


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