We got the OK - 8th Army Spouses were to shoot a "Welcome to Korea" commercial!

So what did we do? 
That's right, we added a little BLING with these super cool matchy, matchy t-shirts!
I'm afraid the poor soldiers that came out to film the commercial had no idea what they had signed up for as we all had a case of the giggles, couldn't get our lines right and really just enjoyed giving these young guys a bit of a hard time! Hey, it's all about the fun right? 
This would be take 62..."come on ladies, it's ONE LINE!!"
OK...getting back to business.
All the giggles are gone...
"Ladies, what do you not understand about this?!  You all speak together when I do my hands like this!
And NO, please don't bounce when you speak.
No, no singing either.  Just.speak.clearly."
OK...Take 143.....
Finally we move on to the 'signs' portion of the commercial.....
I'm sure the poor soldiers were scratching their heads and thinking "For the love of God ladies....stop giggling, don't forget your lines...you are each only saying ONE word...let's get it together...."
Take 263....
I love all the confused looks on our faces....
And I won't mention any names, but there were a couple of ladies that just would NOT behave.
All in all it was a super fun morning.  It really only took us an hour and the AFN guys were fabulous.  They were very patient and I think they had way more fun with us than they let on! 

You can look for our commercial to start airing on AFN Korea next week around the 13th or 14th of June!
6/8/2013 06:09:01 am

Trish - you are a Rock Star! I wish I had your welcoming group and tips when I first arrived to Korea. Instead I was told to bring a “back pack” and nothing else.. Thanks “sponsor” I needed a little more info. Love following your adventures..


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