I love spreading cheer, and that is what I did when I took a few new friends to the flower market (aka - My Happy Place) last week. 

I can't believe it took over 2 months for me to get to the flower market (in Gangnam by the way - for all you Gangnam Style followers)!  Once again this will most likely become a biweekly ritual for me.  I just can't help myself, so many pretties all in one place! 

Now, I'm pretty sure most of my friends think I am INSANE for going to the flower market at 5AM, BUT even so I had a full car, so my question is am I really that insane if I have followers at 5AM?  I think not.

We started the morning off with a little birthday surprise in the car!  :)
After chowing down on cake we were off....
What I would give for scratch and sniff computers! 
How can one NOT be happy here?
Fall at the flower market.

Three of my lovely friends, they will most likely shoot me for this picture, but don't they look overly happy for 5AM?!?!  The flower market will do that to a person.
The flower market is located on the 3rd floor of the Express Bus Terminal.  You can get to the Express Bus Terminal on line 3 (Express Bus Terminal is the subway stop.) I've never taken the subway, so after that you are on your own!   

Driving directions from post:
Go out the commissary gate 
Turn right
Go over the Bampo Bridge
After going over the bridge get in the right lane (the road splits)
And go down
At the first light take a left
Get in the right lane
Right after the Sinsegae Mall & Marriott parking you will see signs for the Express Bus Terminal parking.
Turn right into the EBT parking
Get a ticket from the man in the booth
Take your ticket inside the flower market and look - once you get inside the flower market turn left and look on the wall right after the glass doors, you will see a calendar hanging on the wall with a round stamp on it - stamp your own parking ticket.  This will not get you free parking, but you will get a discount.  The most I have ever had to pay for parking here is 3,000 won.
9/25/2012 11:25:38 pm

Looks lovely! Do you have to buy the flowers in bulk or can you just get a stem here and a stem there? Also, is there a reason for 5am like that's when you get the best picks or beating the crowd...or do you just like waking up crazy early? :)

9/26/2012 07:38:15 am

You don't have to buy them in bulk, but you do have to buy them by the bunch....However I forgot to mention how SUPER CHEAP the flowers are!! You can buy a bunch of Lilies for 4,000 won, or 10 roses for 2-3,000 won! It is insane! Orchids between 4 & 10,000 won! There is no particular reason why I go so early other than I am an early bird and since it is open at that time, why not go? It is surprisingly busy that early too. If you live here you should head over! They do close at 1PM though, so get there before then. OH, also make time for underground shopping in that area as well! :)

10/1/2012 11:49:51 pm

Okay, so doggone it! I checked the "notify me of new comments" thingy but then this other email comes in wanting me to "confirm" that I want to be notified of new comments. And it was in my spam. So...long explanation for I didn't see this till now! Thank you for answering my questions and the extra info. I'm gonna check it out once my household goods (vases) get in. Hmm...I'm impatient. Flowers look good in red Solo cups, right? :) Thanks again for the info!

10/2/2012 09:30:27 am

No need to wait for vases....red solo cups work AND you can buy vases for SUPER CHEAP at the flower market!! :)

10/2/2012 11:53:03 pm

Ouch! That was my arm being twisted...successfully! :)


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