Who would have thought Busan, South Korea would have such a fun little beach area right in the middle of a SUPER BUSY town?!
The view from our room on the 26th floor at 8AM on a Monday morning. 
The three little kids and I head to the beach while the big boys slept.  We were the only people on the beach for over an hour and we had an amazing time!
How fun is this picture? Our kids are awesome!
Love it! :)
Having WAY too much fun!
I can't help but smile when I look at these fun pictures!
After an hour or so Hubby and Boy 1 joined us.
Two of my favorite cuties!
Can you believe how big they are?  I can't. 
They have deliver services on the beach.  I almost felt like I was at a baseball game.  We bought fried chicken from the guy that was speaking Hangul (Korean) and then he looked at me and said 'chicken'.  I said 'nay'  - which means yes in Korean, which is TOTALLY confusing because most American think 'nay' would mean no, but they shake their head yes when they say 'nay' and 'nay' means yes ~ got it? Anyway, I bought the chicken and then I ask for the Cass guy (beer guy).  He came right over.  Chicken and beer...that is how they do it here in South Korea ~ Hubby makes fun of me and asks me "Why do you always say South Korea? ~ Like people would think we live in North Korea?"  Whatever. That's the way I roll.  South Korea.
Chicken and Beer in SOUTH KOREA.
Boy 2 with his hole.
Our FREE babysitting service.
No joke, these guys played with our kids for at least 2 hours!!!  It was AWESOME.  They took pictures, buried them in the sand, and  played in the water with them and all the time I lounged.  Ahhh...life is good.  :)
Good times, great fun Busan (or Pusan - P's and B's are interchangeable here) SOUTH KOREA.
9/13/2012 11:20:06 pm

I love all your pictures! : )


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