Date night in Korea is never dull. 
There is always something new out there just waiting for you.
This week was no different.
We had been dreaming of Hawaii, so why not find a little Hawaii in Seoul?
OK, so there was no beach, but this quaint restaurant in Hongdae made me feel like I was in Hawaii for a split second - especially when our pitcher of Mai-Thai's arrived! 
Then I was taken right back to Seoul when I checked out the menu.
Pasta & Pho?
What the what, what?!?
Once the edamame arrived I was taken right back to the table at Dukes where Hubby and I had one of our first meals in Hawaii with this CRAZY good garlic edamame.

Edamame, Mai Thai's, the love of my life....the only thing that could have made it better was to have a little sand under my toes and a nice ocean breeze...  OK, maybe being IN Hawaii would have made it better.
We ended up ordering the set menu.
The first course was unlimited edamame & french fries.  ??
Unfortunately you are only allowed the plain edamame with the set meal, even if you are willing to pay extra for the garlic.
Next up was this sweet set.....
A little odd, but tasty.
But the main course was WONDERFUL.
There were BBQ ribs, soy garlic chicken & rib eye steak.
 All were equally delicious.
And the corn. 
That wasn't Korean style corn on the cob, that was TRUE corn on the cob.
YUM - O! 
My mouth is watering and is not even 7AM yet! 
You won't be able to get out of this restaurant for less than 30,000 won per person.
I'm trying to find the directions on how to get there (because my memory sucks), but for now I will just leave you with their information:
  364-14, Seogyo-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

After stuffing our faces at Aloha Table our friends wanted to take us to this fun bar they found. I'm sorry, I cannot give you the name or directions as I was not paying attention at this point.  But if you see this girl, you know you are here.
Somewhat of a dive bar.
Cheese puffs are the snack of choice & I ordered this groovy blue drink.
Yes, I ordered it because it was blue.
No, it was not very good, but it went well with cheese puffs.....
....and the stream that went through the bar.
Somehow we accidently ordered this delicious concoction.
Spicy chicken, onions and cheese.
Even though I was full, this was THE BOMB!
I would totally go back and order this.
If I could ever find the place again.
They came over and made rice balls for us to cut down the spicy....
I'm not sure what I liked more about this bar.....
The stream, the rubber duckies, the cheese puffs, the blue drink or the shower.
That's right.
A shower in the middle of the bar.
Apparently drinking games begin a little later in the night and the loser ends up in the shower - with clothes on.
Seoul...what's not to love?
9/21/2013 09:23:40 am

What fun!!
Food does look great!

9/21/2013 12:00:10 pm

oh Trish!! Your adventures always sound so fun! this one sounds amazing! I don't think life would be complete without trying it! if you remember where it all was, I'd really LOVE to know! thanks for sharing, and soo glad you had so much fun!

9/21/2013 12:10:54 pm

I wanna go on a date with you!:)

7/21/2014 01:21:48 am

Ah we have been to this place too! So funny, we had a similar experience and have no idea how to get back or what the place was called! It was such a fun/different atmosphere! I would love to go back. If you end up finding the name/location of this place please share!

9/26/2016 11:52:24 pm

Once the edamame arrived I was taken right back to the table at Dukes where Hubby and I had one of our first meals in Hawaii with this CRAZY good garlic edamame.

6/7/2017 11:57:06 am

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