Angkor Wat is the worlds largest religious structure.
Angkor Wat means 'temple city' which is very fitting as Angkor Wat is massive - you could spend an entire day at Angkor Wat and not see everything it has to offer.

Hubby and I woke up bright and early to see Angkor Wat at sunrise.  I was a little disappointed that it was a very hazy day, therefor my pictures are not as good as I had hoped for.  None the less, Angkor Wat was AMAZING.  (And I really couldn't believe how many people were out for the sunrise viewing - it was hard to find a good spot to take pictures!)
Inside the temple there were walls as long as a football field with entire scenes carved from top to bottom. 
As you know by now, I have a thing for columns.
One of the four basins in the cruciform cloister.
The uppermost level of the temple where the towers are is not continually open - they have specific hours and you must have your shoulders covered and your knees covered to be allowed entrance.  We did not go to the upper level.   
If you will notice, there are no handrails on the stairs going up into the towers.
Apsaras gallery - on the second level.
A view from the back side of Angkor Wat.
We are blessed.
On the backside of Angkor Wat there were monkeys everywhere and they were causing all sorts of trouble! 
These guys were taking these incense containers, dumping them and tossing them all over the place.  Notice the look on this monkeys face?  He is looking at the monkeys in the next picture......
Enough said.
And check this out....Monkeys VS dogs.
This was the first and only time this trip I saw carvings like this.  I'm not even sure what they are - little old men?  Are they Hindu or Buddhist or neither?
No temple is complete without Nagas
It was another great morning with the love of my life in an amazing place I will not soon forget.

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