On our way to the temples today this is a little of what we saw:
Ladies were out every day sweeping the streets.
Going to work?
Everyday life in Cambodia
Every morning we went out I couldn't get over how surreal everything seems to me.  My heart aches for the people of Cambodia, even though (as I have mentioned before) they are happy. 

Before entering Banteay Samre we checked out the causeway and cruciform terrace.  This is something many tourists miss because they go directly into Banteay Samre.  I'm so glad we didn't miss this part.  It was beautiful!  The terrace is believed to have been added many years after Banteay Samre was built.  Banteay Samre was believed to have been built during the first half of the 12th century and the terrace was added in the 13th century.
SIDE NOTE:  even though the weather looks beautiful, it was SCORCHING HOT!!  We always had fans out and we were drinking water constantly. 

Banteay Samre:  Even though this temple was smaller than many of the others it was one of my favorite. 
Standing on the terrace looking at Banteay Samre
One of several entrances
The detail is amazing to me
This one made me giggle
I love the columns and someday would like something like these in my forever home.
You will see the lotus flower in many of the temples.

Many (if not all) of these temples were built as Hindu temples.  In the Hindu faith the lotus flower stand for beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.

Then over the years Cambodia switch to Buddhist country and the lotus flower for Buddhist represents purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
There were random feet everywhere.
Every time Hubby and I travel we try to buy a print from a local artist.  Today we bought from this man.  The picture we bought is the one closest to you.  It is of the floating village.  He says he only paints from his mind, not from photographs.  :o)
Next we stopped at another little store along the roadside.  This one was more upscale than the average roadside shop.  I was shocked to see how well dressed and groomed this young lady is.  She told me she is 14 and this is what her family does for a business and they make good money.  She is holding a traditional instrurment (we bought it) that sells for $8. 
This is the only picture I have of our driver, Mr. Tola.  He is showing us how the instruments are played.
Around the temples children are taught to sell things they make and they are taught to be persistent.  The two most popular things they sell are ornaments for your Christmas tree and bracelets. I will forever remember children chanting "Hey lady, bracelets are 10 for one dallar..."  (I intentionally spelt it dallar) and then they start counting in English.  And then they tell you "Washington DC is you capital."  Some kids were a little more creative and would say "Buy one get nine free!" And if you bought from one, had to buy from all because they just would not leave you alone.  We gave money to these kids and it was amazing how many other children came out once they saw us passing out cash. 
Just a sweet girl taking her little brother somewhere....
(That is what is going on in my mind anyway.)
I have pictures of one more temple we did this day but for the life of me I can't figure out which one it was!!  I'll post about it tomorrow - it was really cool.

Anyway, I'll end today with dinner - This is a green curry of some sort.  I must say Cambodian food was NOT my favorite.  It is Thai inspired, but it just doesn't match up to Thai - Cambodian food is much more bland. 
Although I was a fan of the prices in Cambodia:
Mango shake + Banana shake + 4 beers + 2 meals = $9 USD.
Remember in Cambodia you pay in US dollars.
Unless the price is less than $1 USD, then you use Cambodian Riels:
1000 riel is worth .25 cents
Kelly G
11/6/2012 08:17:48 pm

I love how you include the small details of the sculptures and things like that. I also love how you showed the stuff you got just as I was wondering, hmm...I wonder if she picked up anything as a souvenir? We also try to buy a piece of art from the places we visit (although we don't always meet the artist). By the way, you don't happen to know if you can frame your own stuff in the frame shops here, do you?

11/7/2012 06:42:27 am

The last time we were here you could NOT frame your own things - I'm not sure if that is still the case - however I have a great little guy in the Samgakji area (near War Memorial) that I use. It is SUPER CHEAP to get things framed here.

Here is a link with directions:


11/7/2012 02:14:52 am

I love all your Cambodia pictures!!!!


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