Hubby has the best birthday EVER!  Labor Day weekend always falls right around his birthday meaning he always get a long weekend attached to his birthday!  This year his birthday fell on Saturday - we woke up, had ice cream cake for breakfast and then hit the road to Busan for a relaxing weekend in the sun!
We couldn't decide to take the KTX or drive to Busan - in the end we drove THINKING it would be cheaper, but since we had to rent a car (we didn't trust our hooptie to make it to Busan - a 5 hour drive) and pay our more money in tolls than we expected (over 50,000 won!) AND having to buy gas off post (CRAZY expensive!) ...well, we spent about the same amount of money as we would have it we had taken the train.  Next time, KTX here we come.  2.5 hours each way vs. 5 hours each way....learn from our mistakes and fork out the $$ and take the train - this way you can drink on the way and the fighting in the backseat won't seem as painful! :)
At a rest stop having a little snack.
This trip I took advice from my Korean friend.  "Never rent a pension on the beach.  They are too expensive, dirty and a party place." 

This time we stayed in a hotel. When we walked into the room Hubby exclaimed, "WE HAVE BEDS!"  He was SO happy as he had been sleeping on the floor for the past two weeks during the military exercise he was on. 
Don't worry, they brought in extra bedding for the kids.
We even had a cute little kitchen with a fridge. Ahhh, life is good in a hotel.   See the glass wall to the left of the picture (and to the right in the picture above)?  That is our bathroom.  Very cool.
And even though we had a western style hotel, the towels were still scarce.....this is what we got - 2 hand towels and 1 bath towel.  I ask for more I got the big "NO - no more, only exchangie". 
We had an amazing view:
It actually took us 7 hours to get to Busan with stops and our GPS kept taking us the LONG way.  Finally we gave up on the GPS and used a good old fashion map.  So when we finally got to Busan and got checked into our hotel it was pretty late, but we had to go out and hit the beach for a little moonlight stroll.....
This was the night of the Blue Moon back in the states...
Boy 3 being a trouble maker....
He had just splashed his brother, who didn't want to get wet...
After hanging with the kids on the beach for a while we tucked them in bed with Boy 1 babysitting and headed out for a birthday date night with my man. 

A cute little shopping area near Haeundae Beach where we were staying. 
We found this cute little restaurant with tables outside - perfect for eating and people watching.  
That girl is cutting Kimchi....I've never had a Kimchi girl before - how fun is this?!?
One would think you would get pork at a place called "Pig Dream"....
After dinner...Hubby wanted soju for his birthday celebration. God help me! :)
I SO want this planter for my front yard! :)
Happy Birthday to my Hunk of Burning Love!  Here's to many more together. 
9/24/2015 04:19:33 am

And the platter you did with the flip flops and palm trees. Great job!


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