So I was trying to make a very festive martini for the 4th of July and I wanted something BLUE, I wanted to trim the glass with sugar and garnish with a strawberry with a little flag sticking out of the strawberry.  That is when I had the great idea to use BLUEBERRIES!  Yes, I'll make a blueberry-lemon drop martini.  The only problem in all my excitement I forgot blueberries really aren't the blue in color when they are cooked down.  I was looking to make a BLUE drink (and I waited till the day of) and blueberries when they are cooked down are NOT blue....they are more - well purple looking  - almost like red, red wine (sing it with me, red, red wine you make me feel so fine...)...  Even though the color was an EPIC fail, the recipe is a keeper!  I'll be making these martinis again.   

4 cups water
2 cups sugar
4 lemons
8 oz blueberries (fresh or frozen will work)
750 ML bottle of The Goose...Grey Goose that is.  (Or whatever your vodka preference is)

OR if you want to keep it NON Alcoholic grab some ginger-ale!

Cook water & sugar on stove top until the sugar is melted and the mixture starts to thicken slightly. (Simple syrup)
Zest the skin of one lemon into the simple syrup. Squeeze the juice from all 4 lemons into the simple syrup. Toss in the blueberries. Muddle (smash) the heck out of the blueberries. Let this mixture sit (heat off) and simmer for at least an hour, longer is fine.

Strain blueberry simple syrup to get all the chunks out.  Add the entire bottle of vodka (unless you are a wimp, then add less).  Stick in the freezer.  (This batch of martinis fit perfectly in a Simply Orange juice container.)  Martinis will not freeze.  Pour directly from freezer into martini glasses.

If you can't wait till they are cold enough in the freezer, shake over ice in martini shaker.

To keep it virgin, skip the Goose - put simple syrup in fridge and add ginger ale by the glass.

No, you don't get a picture - it was WAY BAD. 
7/7/2012 07:14:17 pm

Sounds good to me...


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