Holy Mother of all Things Good.
A few weeks ago Hubby mentioned that he wanted a 'really good burger' and then he ate at Burger King.  My poor sweet husband - craving a hamburger so bad he settled for BK.  It was at that moment I knew my next quest was to find my man a good burger in Seoul. It would prove to be a challenge, but a challenge that I was up for.

I ask a few people - looked on line a little and it wasn't until I was in the commissary and saw a lady that I thought I knew but wasn't sure how I knew her but I always smile & nod at her when I see her -  on this day after the smile/nod combo  she walked up to me  and said "Hi, you are Trish, right?"  It wasn't until that moment that I realized we had never met in person.  It turns out she was here in Korea the last time I was AND we have 33 mutual friends on Facebook.  We have been in each others news feeds for over 4 years but never met in person.  Anyway, I'm not sure how it happened (but I'm pretty certain you can thank my 'gift of gab') but she ended up telling me about Brooklyn Burger.  She was raving about the burgers, fries and shakes - something about Nutella & toasted marshmallows....I was IN!  So today, Friday in Korea time, Hubby has a day off so we jumped in the car and headed to Brooklyn Burger to get my man his fix. 
We almost missed it because it is tucked away at the bottom of a street in the corner.  
And it is *tiny*! 
There is only seating for about 23-30
And it was JAM PACKED!
I must admit I wasn't totally excited about eating a BURGER in Korea and I *almost* suggested to Hubby that we go to the Mackerel Lady instead.  I mean I just wasn't feeling it.
We opened the door and the smell of hamburgers, REAL hamburgers begin fried up on a grill hit my nostrils.
It was at that moment my mouth started watering, my stomach started growing and I was instantly taken back to when I was 10 years old and entering Mr. Frosty's, an awesome little burger joint in my home town.
There wasn't even kimchi on the menu!
At this point I am hoping all my scenses are right and I have found Burger Utopia.
I saw this....
Dr. Pepper.
In a restaurant.
All the stars are lining up.
Keeping my fingers crossed that it is as good as it smells.

Not only do they have Dr. Pepper, but they also have this:
What is that you ask?
Looks  like onions on a plate to you?
Look again.
It is a FULL SIZE napkin.
BETH, are you reading this? 

I think I've died and gone to burger heaven.
They even have the cool Coca-Cola glasses.
And she brought out 2 straws.
I felt like I stepped into the 50's for a moment.
(Not that I would know what the 50's really feels like.)
Hubby and I ordered the Brooklyn Works burger.  He ordered the 7 oz, I ordered the 5 oz.  Both of us ordered with their 'special sauce' on the side.  We also ordered 1/2 an order of fries, diet coke (they didn't have diet DP - that would be asking WAY too much), and a Nutella with Burnt Marshmallow Shake. 
Burnt Marshmallows
This shake was perfect. Vanilla ice cream with Nutella mixed in and burnt marshmallows on top.  Not too sweet and not to much chocolate and the straws in Korea, they always give you BIG FAT straws when you order something thick.
Hello Beautiful. I'm going to duplicate you at home and my kids are going to be so excited to meet you. :o)
The 5 oz Brooklyn Works Burger.
If you live in the states you may think this just looks like another burger.
If you live in Korea, you know it is not.
And the fries....
So hot
so crispy
 so perfect.
And I can't forget to mention their special sauce for the burger.  I don't really care for sauce on my burgers, but their sauce was so good for dipping French fries in!  It was a mayo - horseradishie - goodness.

These weren't ours, but I snapped a picture of them before they went to their table.
My kids would LOVE these.
In summary, if you are living in Korea and you are craving a good burger then RUN, don't walk to the Brooklyn Burger.  (OK, take a cab or drive there - I saw a subway but I can't tell you how to get there from it and it looked like quite the trek.)  You are sure to leave with a happy tummy.

As with all things in Korea it is a little more pricy to eat here than stateside - burgers ran between 9,000 & 13,000 won.  The total price for both of us was 32,500 won.  But TOTALLY worth it.  I have a feeling we will be back very soon.
Driving directions from the commissary gate:
Turn right out of the gate.
Go across the Banpo Bridge.
Keep straight on the Banpo road - when the road splits (up/down) near the Express Bus terminal, stay UP - left hand lanes.
Right before you get to the big library on your right, and I mean RIGHT BEFORE you will see this sign:
Turn RIGHT, right now!!  It doesn't look like you should turn right, but just do it anyway!!
You will be on the left side of the library. 
Go to the end of this very narrow alley and turn LEFT.
Follow this road downhill - very narrow.
Keep your eyes open as you go around a very small curve Brooklyn is on your left. 
If you blink you will miss it.
If you are driving - right after Brooklyn turn right and then an immediate left,  a paid parking garage will be on your left. 
It only cost us 1,500 won to park here.
To leave - Turn left out of the parking garage, go down this VERY NARROW street a few blocks until you come to a bigger street - you will see Paris Croissant - turn right - when you get to the end - a big intersection with a light turn RIGHT.  Get in the left hand lane and turn left when you get to the BIG road with the signs to the Banpo Bridge, then you are home free.

They are open from 11:30Am -21:30
Closed on Mondays
551-32 1F Banpo-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul
Phone: 02-533-7180
I couldn't leave without taking a picture of this sign:
2/15/2013 08:55:01 am

Funny Went to Budda's Belly last night and they had cloth napkins. I took a picture. My Thai is better but the it is a rally nice place.

2/15/2013 09:00:51 am

Thank you again for another great top!!! My hubby will LOVE this one!!!

2/16/2013 08:18:16 pm

Girl, your pictures are making me drool. Num-num. I need to try those cheese fries!

2/17/2013 11:46:52 am

So glad I read this.. Not open on Mondays is important..

2/18/2013 07:24:19 am

The last time I had a good burger was at the Three Alley Pub there in Itaewon. So yummy!

2/23/2013 11:43:31 am

Wow. I can confirm that this place is awesome. A couple notes. I went Saturday at 1300 and the place was packed (20 seats total) and waited an hour to get a seat the line was never less than 4-6 couples waiting to get seated so expect a long wait. I did see several people come and get their order to-go... It was unclear if they'd called ahead or ordered there but it might be a useful tip if you are jonsing and don't have the time to wait. But awesome post and keep these kinda of finds coming! I need places outside of Itaewon!!

12/27/2013 02:18:57 pm

Wow! Everything about this post is the absolute truth!! First of all Brooklyn Burger is everything it's cracked up to be, and worth every minute of a wait (even if you have to wait outside in the freezing cold, like we did --- totally worth it!!). Second of all, Trish, your directions are amazing. Seriously - the best directions I've ever been given. My husband and I thought we were going on a wing and a prayer (you know how directions are in Korea), but your descriptions are outstanding! Follow these directions to a T and you will be in hamburger heaven before you know it! Thank you so much for posting this!

3/17/2014 06:10:34 pm

Thanks everyone!
I'm so glad my directions got you there! ;)

7/1/2014 09:16:48 am

Mmm. This sounds and looks delicious. I'm actually going there this week so I'll be sure to order that vanilla-nutella-smores shake! Just a little worried about the price.... Great blog post!


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