Last week Hubby and I celebrated 18 years of marriage!  EIGHTEEN YEARS.  Can you believe that?  I don't feel old enough to have been married for 18 years!  We have PCSed 11 times, lived in 14 home, 6 states, 5 countries, but only 2 of them together, 4 deployments and 4 kids. (AND Hubby was home for EVERY BIRTH - most military familes can't say that!) we have had good times, bad times and all sorts of times in between.  We are blessed beyond measure.

                 On our anniversary Hubby surprised me with a little anniversary breakfast cake - he is the BEST!
We are celebrating our anniversary in style this year with a trip to Cambodia in a couple of weeks, but we couldn't overlook the day all together, so we headed out to Myeongdong just to get out when we happened upon this:
A CAT CAFE!  No, you don't eat cat - you go there to love on cats. Really!  I'm not kidding!  A cafe full of cats!!  There are cats everywhere - on tables, on chairs, on counters, up high, down low - everywhere you turn there are CATS!!

In Korea most people don't have pets for one reason or another, so going to a cat cafe (they also have dog cafes here!) is a great option for those cat lovers.
When venturing out to a cat cafe there are rules you must abide by:

Upon entering you must take your shoes off and replace them with rubber slippers provided by the cafe and you must disinfect your hands with sanitizer so you don't bring nasty germs in.  
Do not pick up the cats, they can sit in your lap~ but they have to climb into your lap  on their own

Do not wake sleeping cats

 No flash photography

 Do not disturb the kitties if they are eating
If the cat has a colored collar on he is young or is not feeling well

Hubby feeding a kitty
There are fuzzy cats, fluffy cats, short hair cats, long hair cats, and NAKED CATS!
You can buy 'special' food to feed the cats.....
This cat thinks he would like a little drink ~
Checking Facebook while hanging out with cats.
The young lady in the background is taking a nap while her friend is just hanging out with his favorite kitty.
The entry fee to the Cat Cafe is 8,000 won, but that includes a free drink. I wish I could tell you how to get here, but I cannot - but I did take this picture with the phone number on it!  Maybe it will help!  
We finished our afternoon stroll in Myeongdong with a little street food.....
Fried potatoes on a stick. 
10/7/2012 03:12:17 pm

I love it! That was on my list of places to go check out but never made it before we moved! ;)

10/8/2012 06:42:13 am

OMG- just saw this on the Katy Perry movie last night with my little girls!! Too fun!!

5/11/2014 06:13:04 pm

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9/24/2014 12:28:54 am

where did your hubby get the cake from?


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