Fun Facts:
Opened in 1973 on Children's Day, May 5th.
Children's Grand Park covers 530,000 square meters and it includes:
a zoo
botanical gardens
hamster balls
bungee trampoline jumping
camel rides
(and more fun rides)
all kinds of crazy performances
a water playground
football fields
tennis courts
Dome Art Hall
Kids Auto Park
various places to eat
And it is open year round
Plus, they have this cool yard art:
This is my favorite piece!
Children's Grand Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.  Not only is it super fun place to hang out, IT IS FREE! So it is a win, win!  Cool place - very little out of pocket expense! :)  Kids are happy, parents are happy! 
The only things we found that you have to pay for are the playing in the big hamster balls: 
(Too bad this activitiy is only for kids.  I think I would have really enjoyed doing this! 5,000 won per ride)
How fun is this?!
We also had to pay extra for this (5,000 won per ride) but the kids LOVED it....
Well, 2 of them loved it....and one started off loving it....
And then came....GET ME OFF!!!  I think I am going to BARF!!!
Luckily the young men working the bungee jump knows the universal face for "I think I am going to barf" and stopped the ride QUICKLY. 

Ahhh, feeling better.
Hubby LOVES polar bears.
Texas Longhorns = Korean Zoo Animal.
We found this humorous. :)
I love how our kids will try foods without even knowing what they are trying. This one turned out to be yummy. 
Cheese filled bread.
The day just isn't complete in Korea without finding a statue of a little boy peeing....
We spent over 4 hours at Children's Grand Park and didn't even see 1/2 of it!  The prices for things were great.  And it wore our kid-o's out!  I see another trip in our future soon.

To get there by subway:
Get off at Children's Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 1.
It is THAT easy!
10/1/2012 01:45:38 pm

Don't forget the camel rides! :)

10/2/2012 07:06:01 am

You are right! Camel rides! I will add them now. Thank you!! :)

10/2/2012 12:00:30 am

We went here for the first time this weekend with my 2 and 4yo. LOVED it. Everywhere you turn there is something fun to do. A huge playground. Fountain park. Bounce place. People hurling bananas at monkeys... I seriously couldn't believe all that stuff was free. Oh, and we did the camel ride! (We drove and I believe parking turned out to be like 6000won for probably about 4 hours.)

10/2/2012 07:08:46 am

I missed the people hurling bananas at the monkeys! That would have been fun to see! Yes, super cheap parking if you can park in their parking lot....when we went there was a 2 hour wait for parking so we had to park down the street and it cost us 14,000 won, still not bad for 4 hours.

10/2/2012 06:58:09 am

We were just there yesterday and looked for the hamster balls. Were they in the amusement park area?


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