After our tour of Mactan Island we headed over to Plantation Bay to visit 3 sets of friends vacationing in the Philippines as well.  While on the grounds of Plantation Bay you definitely do not feel like you are in the Philippines that we just saw earlier in the day.  This is an all inclusive resort where you do not have to leave if you choose not to (in fact they encourage you not to!).  Everything you would ever need is located within beautifully maintained walls Plantation Bay.  It truly is a paradise and our kids were a little miffed that we were backpacking it through the Philippines livin' the rough life while their friends were livin' the good life in paradise.  (CRAP...they have seen the OTHER SIDE!!)
They take pool safety very seriously here.
Repeated screaming is not allowed - they WILL (not that we know..) ask you to stop.
And if you want to swim before 8AM or after 8PM they will wake a lifeguard up so you don't drown.
And if they are really afraid you don't know how to swim they will give you a life jacket & a raft to help you stay afloat in water that if you just stand up in you will be fine.
Life is good!
Friends, fun, swim up bar, relaxed husbands, SERIOUS life guards watching your kids.
A girl can't ask for much more!
By this point we had lost track of how many pools were at this place! 
But no worries, there were lifeguards EVERYWHERE.
Ahhh....we have the most beautiful daughters!
I love this sassy girl!
Between the 4 families here we have 13 kids!
(Not all kids are pictured.)
The resort's show for the evening was American Pop Culture.
What I took away from this show is that Texas & Top Gun are the two biggest things that influence what Filipinos think of America.
And check it out...a Christmas miracle we caught someone having fun!
From shanty shacks to a 5 five star luxury resort...
What a great Christmas Day in the Philippines!
2/17/2014 06:02:41 am

Fun times!!

John Hoyle
2/18/2014 02:41:54 am

Spectacular Vacation! World Class!

2/18/2014 07:27:04 am

Definitely 2 sides of the coin! MrL went to high school in Manila (we actually just put #2 on a plane there for a school competition this morning at 5 am...ouch) and said your photos summed it all up very accurately. ; ) Looks like it was lots of fun, though!


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