Let me get a few things out of the way right off the bat:
1. Pictures are G rated.
2. I wasn't sure if I could take pictures or not, so I was trying to be sneaky about it.
3. Because of #2, the picture quality is VERY POOR.

Thursday night hubby and I had an impromptu date night.
Hubby knew I had been stressed an KNEW I needed a massage (since I kept asking him to do it) so he suggested we head out to the Dragon Hill Spa - aka - Naked Spa to me - jimjilbang to Koreans.
I was game until the little boys started fighting right before we left...I didn't want to leave them with big brother, Boy 1 during their fighting session but both Boy 1 and Hubby assured me that Boy 1 would be fine and had everything under control.  I, on the other hand wasn't sure I would be able to relax knowing there was turmoil in our house. 
But something odd happened as soon as we drove away from the house, those fears disappeared and I didn't think about it again until we got home and at that point all children were nestled, all snug in their beds.... (while visions of sugarplums danced in my head....)
The point - sometimes Hubby does know best.  :o)

OK...so we drove to the Dragon Hill Spa.
I can't give you driving direction yet - I'll get back to you.
Anyway - once you find your way to the parking garage, take a ticket - park - take ticket inside with you to have your parking validated.

Upon arrival Santa was waiting to greet us! 
Once you arrive it is 10,000 won to enter.
You get some groovy looking PJ's to wear in the common area and you get a locker key wristband. 
Your first stop is here:
The shoe lockers. 

Take your shoes off before stepping onto the nice floor and put them in your shoe locker. 
Your locker number will be the same for your shoe locker and your clothing locker.

After you put your shoes  away continue walking straight, then turn left up the ramp, then turn right to get on the elevator. Kiss your loved one good-bye.  If you are female take the FEMALE ONLY elevator. Male, take the MALE ONLY elevator. (Yeah, I think you could have figured that out on your own.)  Go to floor 3.

Exit the elevator and take a right to head to the lockers.
This is where you strip down to what you came into this world wearing.


PRETEND you know what you are doing and that you are comfortable with your nakedness.

Toss your *little-bity* hand towel over your shoulder and strut your stuff down one flight of stairs to the 'wet spa' area.

If you brought your own toiletries take them with you - if you did not stop at the little 'concession stand' of toiletries before you head downstairs.  You can purchase items here at the spa.  I wasn't prepared so this is what I bought:
You don't need cash, just your wristband locker key.  

Everything you buy is scanned to your wristband locker key.

I felt these items were a little pricy and normally I bring my own things, but like I said 'impromptu' date night. 
Scrubbing pad was 1,000 won, face cleaner 1,400 won and shampoo 2,400 won.  So it didn't break the bank, but really 2,400 for shampoo?  Is there gold in it?  Is it even shampoo - it say 'hair pack' so I'm assuming, but really,  I guess I will never know for sure? It was thick and creamy more like conditioner...

Anyway, head downstairs and you will see a treatment room straight ahead....this treatment room is where you sit on a 'pot' and wear a big pink plastic cover (they type you wear when you get your hair cut). 
Don't go in that room unless you want to have your lady parts cleaned.
Turn right and go through the double glass doors.
Walk straight past all the naked people - keep going until you arrive to the area where you see ladies sitting on stools taking showers and scrubbing one another.
Find an empty stool, sit down and shower. 
Don't take a normal 'American style' shower where you are done in 3-5 minutes, you need to take SUPER LONG shower.  Scrub yourself, wash your hair, scrub yourself, shave your pits, scrub yourself, wash your face, scrub yourself shave your legs, scrub yourself...you get the idea. 
If you take a friend, you need to scrub each other.  No joke. Just go with it. 
I was by myself and I saw a little old lady eyeballing me - I think she felt bad for me because I was there all alone. If I hadn't got up to leave I think she would have come over and helped me scrub.  It's just their culture.  You help each other in the shower.
I showered and scrubbed for a good 15 minutes, but the ladies that were there before me were STILL there scrubbing and cleaning each other when I left.
I felt bad, almost dirty like I didn't clean myself enough.

After all the scrubbing I went and hung out in a couple of the hot tubs before meeting back up with Hubby in the common area.
The tubs range from FREEZING cold to BURNING HOT!  I did a little of them all.

In the 'wet area' you can get spa treatments - from cleaning your lady parts, to body scrubs, massages, facials and more  (read about my first adventure here).  The body scrub is 20,000 won and they remove several layers of skin leaving you feeling disgusted that so much dead skin could come off of you and you being to wonder why you didn't scrub your  own skin harder during the 'showering part'....after your scrub you check to make sure you have skin left and when you touch yourself you wonder why you don't get this done more often.  Your arms feel as smooth as a baby's bottom.

After a little relaxing in the hot tubs downstairs I went back to the lockers, put on my rockin' PJ's, grabbed my Kindle and headed upstairs to meet up with my boyfriend.  :o)

I snuck this picture in the girls locker room.
When I headed to the common area I found Hubby half asleep in a massage chair.  He wasn't ready to eat so I head in for a sports massage in the common area.. 

This is the entrance to the massage area. 

I had a 60 minute sports massage for 60,000 won.
After my massage I found hubby and we headed to dinner. 
There are 3 restaurants in the spa.
We chose the Korean restaurant:
Mmmmm, dinner! 
So even though we didn't spend a lot of quality time together during this date we still had a wonderful time.
If you choose to come to the Dragon Hill Spa for date night there is a ton to do.  
In the common area they have a movie room, sleeping room, all kinds of saunas, an internet café, a swimming pool, play area for small children, 3 restaurants, a couple of snack bars, TV's, a big room with heated floors for you to lay on and read or eat on.  They also have the treatment room for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more.  There is a gym and a driving range!  I think you have to be a member to use the gym & driving range, although I am not sure. You can spend an entire day OR night here.... 

In the end we ended up spending:
20,000 won entry free
And then our bill for dinner, massage, toiletries, massage chairs ended up being right at 90,000 won. 
Parking was free.
So in the end you can make this as inexpensive or as lavish a trip as you would like.  :o)

I think I want to go back next week....
Anyone want to go with me?
PS....weekend and weeknights are super busy - daytime is less busy.
12/28/2012 02:42:38 pm

Your date night sounded wonderful....I think we might have to try it at least once while we are here.

12/28/2012 02:53:31 pm

You are freaking me out with this naked spa stuff. I kinda of deal with naked spa at Smith Gym and it freaks me out. I don't want to walk in the sauna with naked squatter in the floor. It makes me uncomfortable. However, if you get a pic of Jeremy naked at naked spa I'm sure we can sell it to TMZ with a caption that reads Jason Aldean at naked spa in Seoul. Get that man some cowboy boots and get that camera ready. LOL

12/28/2012 02:54:05 pm

I'm sort of slap happy right now. I don't want to see naked Jeremy at Naked Spa but somebody else might want to and I'm not gonna lie if pics make to TMZ I will probably shout out that was my idea and then I'll look...bahahahahahaha

12/28/2012 03:18:39 pm

Jo Beth you have me rolling!!! Stop it! My stomach hurts!

12/28/2012 11:20:39 pm

Yes! Who is this funny friend of yours, Trish? Is she moving to Korea? I'll probably already be gone . . . darn.

12/28/2012 11:21:12 pm

I love the way you write, Trish. YOU are hysterical. Make a book. Please. Compile your blogs and make a book. Do it.

12/28/2012 11:28:41 pm

I think I would live there! Headed off for facial and massage now! However it won't be that cheap.

1/3/2013 05:10:49 pm

I'll go with you

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