Sinsa Subway station is located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
As I have stated before this is one of my favorite areas in Seoul so far. 
Not too touristy, totally eclectic and loads of fun.
After stuffing our faces over at Pier 17 we headed out to see what else was happening on Garosu-gil street when we happened upon this awesome store.
I think I will bring Boy 1 here to shop for school clothes:
The worker girl (who followed us around the ENTIRE time - that's the way they roll in Korea, they want to be there to help if you have any questions or need anything) was wearing a shirt that says "I'm cute".
Isn't that cute?!
Everything in this store was a little spendy, so I was surprised to see this box of emergency underpants dispenser for sale.  Although I'm not really sure why anything surprises me here anymore.....
Need a teapot and teapot mask warmer?
No worries, they only cost 290,000 won, or a mere 261 USD.
I bought a few for Christmas gifts.
After a little shopping our exploration took us to this quaint little "Beer Storage" place.  I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly where it is, but if you find it you should totally go in. 
It is kind of like a 7-11 with indoor tables for drinking your beer.
You can get practically any type of beer you want and for Seoul it was pretty darn cheap!  Beers started at 2,500 won and went up from there.    You walk in, go to the self-service beer cooler, pick your own beer, grab a glass if you would like one and head over to your table.    They also have a snack counter where you can buy chips, crackers, dried squid or any other type of 7-11 food your little heart desires.
When you are all done put your empties in the bucket on your table, head over to the counter with bucket in hand and pay!  How fun is that?! 
How can you NOT love this country?
7/11/2013 05:48:54 am

Hey, I'm thinking the Emergency Underpants are a really good idea -LOL

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