December 28, 2013

We didn't leave Nalusuan until after lunch.  I took a few pictures of sunrise but for most of the morning I put my camera down and just soaked in the natural beauty of this piece of paradise on earth. 

This morning the kids ask if I would wake them up so they could see sunrise - that impressed me.  They really enjoyed the island too even though there was no electricity or internet (OK,OK Boy 1 didn't LOVE it as much as the others...and he may have rejoiced a little when we boarded the boat to leave, but I know he enjoyed himself too....)

Just thinking about being on the island sends a calming sensation throughout my body, mind and soul. 
I cannot tell you how much I loved this place.
For breakfast Governor Lala (I can't help but think of the Teletubbies every time I say her name....Governor Lala - it just makes me smile!!!)  offered us a local breakfast food, dried Rabbit Fish.
Of course we accepted.
And guess what?
I would eat this regularly.
It was a little salty, a little crunchy a little yummy.
Isn't it beautiful?
Cool video we took in the water...
This plant (or whatever it is)  just disappears after touching it.
Goodbye Nalusuan....I hope we meet again.
The moment you realize your children are really world travelers...
They get on a boat and it is so second nature they fall right to sleep and don't care to look around.
For me, there is way too much to see.
Dive boats....
Fishermen, calm waters, & tons of little random islands...
Upon arriving back on Mactan Island we took a cab to Cebu.
Reconfirming that Mactan Island & now Cebu are NOT 2 of my favorite places on earth.
I did get a kick out of them advertising "Free Facebook".
This picture is just wrong. 
I am assuming this is a toy gun.
For the life of us we could not figure out what this sign means.   Red cars on one side, black on the other?
Just like in most Asian country, motor bikes are the primary mode of transportation.  This family bought LOTS of rice.
Traveling across the bridge into Cebu this was our view.
We were driving so I couldn't get a great shot, but these houses over water were stacked right on top of each other.
 Getting ready to take the "Super Cat" ferry to Bohol (Tagbilaran), another island in the Philippines.
Traveling by ferry is a very economical way to travel around the Philippines.  For the 6 of us it cost around $100 USD ROUND TRIP and it takes about 2 hours each way.
By the time we got to Bohol it was dark and we headed straight to our B&B, Isola Bella Beach Resort where we had our BEST meal to date in the Philippines.  And we thought the food on Nalusuan was good! 
Butter chicken.
This was my FAVORITE dish .... so bad for you yet so good!!
Everything was delicious!
We ordered way too much food and ate every bit.
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