Our last day in Bali the 3 older boys went deep sea fishing.  The boys left about 6AM - when I ask Hubby about the company he was going out with and for details he had none.  He told me he didn't get a receipt and all he knew was the guide was going to be waiting for them on the beach by our villa.  

Call me a freak if you wish but there was no way I could let 3 of my boys just go off without know ANYTHING other than they were going out on a boat in a foreign country....I went down to the beach with them and took about 20 shots of the boat and their guide.  You know, just in case.  :o)   All turned out well.  They all came back safe and sound.
(Something you guys may not know about me - I always have a plan.  I may not share it with anyone, but I have worked out worst case scenarios in my head.  I also make sure my people know what to do in emergency situations. When I go out for a run alone I always write my phone number on my body somewhere - true story.  If I didn't move so often I would tattoo it to the bottom of my foot!  :)

Plus I got this awesome shot (from my phone!), so win, win!
It seems that Boy 2 was the star of the show today!  He caught 8 fish!!  Boy 1 caught 5 and Hubby only caught 3.
In this video you will witness him catching 2 fish at one time!  :o)
(Boy 1 had a fish on his line too, but it seems he was ignored.  Poor baby.)
He is just so stinkin' cute!
They take after their Mom - eating the eyeball of the Red Snapper!
Boy 2 ate the other eyeball and here he is about to eat the tongue.
Unfortunately  our trip had to come to an end. 
We had an amazing time on a dream vacation!
  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sentosa Beach, Singapore & Sanur, Bali.
We are a blessed family!
Till next time:
Bali, Bali, Bali!!
5/21/2013 08:37:39 am

What a great vacation! You took some awesome pictures.

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