As it happens every year, the end of summer party means the start of a new school year.... 
Our end of summer party always falls the Friday before the first Monday of school. 
Mom even has anxiety for the first day of school at a new (but old) school.

Here we go:

Big 1st grader!!   And he was TOTALLY ready for 1st grade!  Seeing how his birthday falls 1 week past the school cut off he was done with Pre -Kindergarten & Kindergarten (and after 4 years of it I was done with it too)!  He went into his 1st grade classroom like a CHAMP!  It helped that he had a buddy in his class. 
My amazing 4th grader!  He is my stressor.  Check out his nails, he chews them off.  This sweet boy is worries about way too much for his age.  He broke my heart the first day of school and almost brought me to tears. He didn't know ANYONE in his class.  Yes, I was that stalker mom hanging out the outside of his classroom peeking in for a 1/2 an hour just to make sure he was doing ok.  (And he was.)
EXTROVERT. No need to worry here. She already knew 4 people in her class.  She was ready to dive into 5th grade.
A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL?!?!  Where oh where did my baby go?  I can't believe he is a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!  OMG.  Notice his picture is inside?  He wouldn't go outside for me this year.  I reminded him (through sobbing and tears) that he only has one more year to take a picture like this.  He insisted I take it in the house.  I just love this boy and I can't believe he is almost there....
All of our kids had a great first week of school (even Boy 2!).  Boy 1 came home and told me it was like a reunion.  He knew someone in all of his classes and he had lunch with an entire group of old friends from here and different military post.  How AWESOME is that?

They were all super excited that on day 2 of school there was NO SCHOOL due to Typhoon Bolaven.  A Typhoon day, go figure!  We were held up in our house all day waiting and waiting for the Typhoon to hit.  We had nothing more than a few strong winds and power was out for about 1/2 an hour.   Even though it was a blessing that Seoul didn't get hit hard I have to admit I was a bit disappointed.   We were hunkered down, food was stocked, cookies were baked, candles were on stand-by and board games were ready to be played.  In the end it reminded me of the 'earthquake' we had in Central Texas last year.  Remember that one?  I didn't think so. 

                                 Happy new school year everyone!  It's going to be a GREAT year!
9/5/2012 03:54:32 pm

SFS started on the 16th, so I've had a couple weeks to adjust - wish they started after Labor Day, too, though. Such a great thing that Boy1 already had friends here - it can be hard to move in high school, even if you're a military kid and used to moving all the time. Looks like it's going to be a good year for all of you!

9/5/2012 05:40:41 pm

This is awesome! After I saw 3's grade number on finger and scrolled down to see Boy 2 holding up his grade number with his fingers I started to laugh knowing I would also see Girl with her number but Big D holding up NO fingers! Teenagers
never disappoint! Heheeeehee! My girls stood outside and took their sweet pics but my 16 year old 1st day of school pic is he and a friend driving off! He refused to stand outside for me and took off running for the car with me chasing after him!!!

9/6/2012 02:52:01 am

UGH! Had to send my Baby No. 1 to Junior High this week. Wouldn't hold my hand as we waited for her school bus. SHE USED TO HOLD MY HAND ALL THE TIME!!!

I'm still reeling. Still an emotional wreck. Why do they grow up so fast???


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