Seriously easy.
Seriously good.
Coat pan with coconut oil.
Fry sliced plantains for about 2 minutes on each side.

GREAT for an after school snack!

**Next time I am going to try sprinkling a little cinnamon on the plantains before frying.
5/28/2013 06:48:44 am

My neighbor in Hawaii used to bring me fried plantains. So good!!

Laura J
5/28/2013 06:50:24 am

in puerto rico we double fry ours. you slice and fry them as you did but then we take them and smash them between two plates, or something ( there is an actual tool for this) and then we refry them. makes the edges extra crispy and delicious. and we toss a little salt over them. they're a staple in puerto rico. we do something similar with sweet plantain or ripened plantain. we cut them and fry them in a little butter. the darn things caramelize and are ridiculously good. served with white rice and puerto rican beans... maybe a little salad on the side.... oh my gosh!!! so good!!!

5/28/2013 06:57:20 am

My favorite way to eat them is to twice fry them. After the first fry you smash them and put them back into the oil, and you just cut them like you would a banana, not on a bias. So good!

10/23/2016 12:00:30 am

Where can I find plantains in Korea?

1/20/2018 04:24:25 pm

Hi guys. Now, it is possible to get plantain in Korea. You can find it in Emart located on Yongsan / Jayang / Wangsimni / Jukjeon / Yeoksam / Yeongdeungpo / Suji / Seongsu / Mockdong / Mapo. Pasa la voz! :D

9/24/2019 08:26:15 pm

I am selling plaintin banana if you are interested please add me fb Jin J. Yoon

8/18/2021 07:31:56 am

I want plantain banana


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