***New location as of 5/25/1013 - information at bottom of post.***
I am just going to claim it.
Rest With Coffee & Books is my hands down FAVORITE café I have been to so far.
I loved EVERYTHING it had to offer.
Books, internet service, a computer for people to use, comfy chairs, FREE bread and coffee, nice background music, waffles, coffee drinks of all kinds, gelato and of course, Dr. Fish to chew the nasty off your feet.   

The main room:
Need a book?  They have bookshelves full. 
They were all in Korean, so if you can't read Korean then bring your own book.
Self bar.
Gotta love it.
At the self bar you can have all the free bread and coffee you can eat and drink.
As long as you order 1 item from the menu.
They even have toaster ovens to toast your bread
They give you butter and jam when you place an order at the counter.
Sampling of the free bread:
It taste better than it looks.
Girl said the hot chocolate is THE BEST she has EVER HAD.
In fact it was so good that she ordered a second one.
She told me that she wishes she could make hot chocolate this good.
Give her time and I'm sure she will. 
She is just so cute I couldn't help snapping a ton of pictures of her.
Don't worry, I'm not posting all the photos I took, only a few of my favorites.
She really is this sweet too.  She is a great daughter and sister to her brothers.
Plus she has an amazing heart.
I tried something new, a cinnamon honey latte.  It was very YUM.
I'm not sure if I have told you this or not, but Koreans are WILD about waffles. 
Just not for breakfast - they don't want them for breakfast. 
They only want them for dessert.
When girl and I were finished warming our souls and filling our bellies we were ready to dip our feet in a tank of little fishies to get our 'poor mans' pedicure.
First the lady comes over and washes your feet off.
And then it is time to dip your feet!
Ahhh, sweet little fishies.  This is no big thang.  We have done this before.  It tickles, but it is a good tickle.
And then....we decided to switch tanks.
I have NEVER seen Dr. Fish this BIG!
And ready...with mouths OPEN WIDE!
Sticking my heel in.
Oh my goodness.  This TICKLES and FREAKS me out a bit!
But I think I can do it....
...I only lasted for a little while before I had to take a breather....
I mean check them out.
I'm kind of afraid they will take off a toe.
Girl doesn't want to have anything to do with this tank.
Going in again.
This time all the way.
This is really FREAKY!!
I can't take it much longer!!
Feet out.
Oh my gosh ~ that was crazy fun! 
UPDATE as of 5/25/2013
***I went to the new location.  It is not nearly as nice as the old location and the big fish are gone.  They only have the little fish.  They still have food - sandwiches, coffee, pastries and beer.  Still a fun girls day out.  :o)***

We spent about 18,000 won on a latte, a hot chocolate, a chocolate waffle and 2 doctor fish.

There hours are 10AM-midnight everyday.
Credit cards are accepted.

I hope you have as much fun as Girl and I.

I think this would be an awesome place to have a date night.
1/28/2013 06:59:00 pm

Love the pictures! I would love to try this!!

1/28/2013 07:24:55 pm

If you come visit me agian I will take you. :o)

1/29/2013 04:15:30 am

Loved seeing the pictures of you laughing...: )

1/29/2013 04:26:58 am

Beautiful pictures Trish!

1/29/2013 04:27:54 am

Can you get there and back by the time the kids get out? What are the hours? Thanks for sharing

1/29/2013 04:59:03 am

yes you can! It is only 30 min by subway and if you drive it is much closer although I cannot give driving directions and I wouldn't know where to park. I'm sorry I don't have the times. I'll see if I can find them.

1/29/2013 05:06:55 am

I have updated the post with times.

1/31/2013 08:44:37 am

How fun....we have to do DF next time I visit, my feet are soo had!!!

1/31/2013 08:50:59 am

The pics are great...girl is so beautiful and grown up!

2/1/2013 11:12:21 am

I loved it there too! I actually liked the big fish better than the little ones. The littles were too tickly for me!

4/23/2014 11:33:00 pm

Thanks for this post! i went to the one in Gangnam about 4 years ago and when i wanted to go there again today, it was closed! so i'm really glad to have stumbled upon your post! gonna have to check ot the one in Myeongdong. I actually think smaller fish are better because it hurts less when they nibble on your feet! but it tickles nevertheless. XD

9/30/2014 07:27:06 pm

Sad day! This location is currently closed as of 08/05/2014. We called around the other Namu Guneul Cafes, but they are no longer carrying the fish! Some spas and jjimjilbangs carry them, but a bit of research may be required to find out which ones.


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