Birthday Girls!
Birthdays are always a good reason for a girl's night out!  The eight of us headed out to Wang Thai in Itaewon last Saturday night for a little birthday celebratory birthday fun!   This was the first time I had ever been to Wang Thai.  The service was good and the company was great!  We had our own private room and many people LOVE this restaurant.
Me, not so much.  This was my favorite part of my meal (other than the company of course!).  Singha baby.  Singha.
I ordered the spicy beef salad (one of my favorite Thai dishes) and even though it looks good it was lacking one major component - SPICE.  I also tried several other dishes there....all very bland for Thai food.  My recomendation is if you are looking for authentic Thai food, to skip Wang Thai and head on over to My Thai.
After dinner (I think I was the only one that didn't like Wang Thai) we headed over to the Bulldog...a bar in Itaewon that played 70's, 80's & 90's music!  How fun is that?!?!   The music is fun, the drinks are BAD!!!  Stick to beer if you go to the Bulldog! 

After the Bulldog we lost a few of our party goers.  The remaining four of us headed over to International Alley and found ourselves in the New Gekos Supper Club.  This is my kind of place.  (Yes, I admit it, I am a food and drink snob.)  This iPad was our menu.  How FREAKING COOL is that?!?! 
And check out how pretty our drinks are!  AND they tasted BETTER than they look!  NO JOKE!  I love this place! 
Yes, that is an ICE BALL!!
Are you kidding me? A teddy bear made from an apple slice. :)
As if the amazing drinks weren't enough, our waiter heard me say I was hungry so he brought this AMAZING salad to me - ON THE HOUSE!!  Oh, oh - and check out that water bottle...yes, that is how they serve water here - 'no extra chargie'.
Happiness is finding a new group of friends each time you move.  :)

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