I previously wrote about Gwangjang Market here.
We knew Grammy would love this place when she came to visit!
(She visited back in October.)
Here we go Gwangjang Market with Grammy:
Shopping in the market:
These are Korean Wedding Ducks.
Wedding ducks are a pair of duck carvings, traditionally Mandarin ducks.  They are used in Korean wedding ceremonies and often giving as marriage gifts.  Mandarin ducks are used because it is believed that unlike any other types of ducks Mandarins mate for life and if one of them dies the other will mourn.  I'm not sure for how long, but they mourn. :)  Korean believe the Mandarin ducks represent peace, fidelity and lots of kids.
Female ducks are red, males are green or blue.
The craziness of the market.
Motorcycles in the aisle, no rhyme or reason. 
Blanket stall right next to a food stall.
I'm not sure if this is plastic food molded to look like fish or rice cakes molded to look like fish.
A common site all over Korea.
The nucleus of the market - the FOOD STALLS!
Where Koreans from all over come to eat some of the best and oldest style of street food available in Korea!
Hubby made sure his momma had food...
I made sure she had makkoli!
She had no desire to eat some of the cuisine here:
But she did enjoy the mung bean pancakes!
All in all a great trip to the Gwangjang Market!

To get there:
Jongno-3-ga Station Exit 12. 
Walk straight for a few blocks, you will come to a bigger intersection, look to your right and you will see the entrance to the Gwangjang Market.
 Enter and walk down the alley for quite a while...you will start seeing food stalls, but don't stop until you hit the mother load and start seeing places to sit and eat.  You will know when you have arrived. 
Good luck and happy eating!! :)
1/10/2014 05:50:31 am

So much fun - love Seoul, my great kids & the Mung Bean Pancakes - wish I had some now!!


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