Remember this picture?  And how I was bursting with excitement about what was about to happen?
This is the blog you have been waiting for.
Here goes the big reveal! 
As my friend Lori said, this looks like a room 'Dexter' set up.
I only wish I had done it as well as Dexter.  My room had flaws.
And I paid for those flaws.
(PS...If you haven't watched the show Dexter, you REALLY need to.) 
                                                                      This is a birthday party.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE birthday parties?  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I only had 1 birthday party while growing up.  Maybe it is because I love seeing that smile on my kids face when they see what I have created for them.  Maybe it is because at every birthday party I hear "This was the BEST party EVER."  Maybe it is because I am still a kid at heart.... 

                                         But mostly I think it is because of that sweet, sweet smile...

We started the party at 10AM with chocolate pancakes with chocolate chunks and chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream.  It really can't get much better than that - can it?
Well maybe it can, when you have 6 friends and 3 siblings to share it with.
And then your mom ask if you want marshmallows to go with it and when you say 'yes' she throws them at you.
While Dad tops you off with whip cream.
That might make it a little better.
Oh, I'm sorry did you say you wanted whip cream ON YOUR PANCAKES? I thought you said on your head.
My bad.
It's on!
The kids had a nice selection of foods to choose from.
Here, have a little cheese & whip cream in a can. 
I love the look in his eyes.
Dad coming up from behind to do a sneak attack on the birthday boy.
You can see marshmallows flying in the air.
Totally unexpected. :)
Oh man!
He's not sure he is cut out for this type of party.
But then again maybe he is as he comes back for more! 
Big brother couldn't resist getting in on the fun!
45 minutes of pure FOOD FIGHTING FUN!
How can you not love these sweet nasty faces?!
Can you spot the Cheeto in this picture?
Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet baby boy! 
I know what you are thinking. 
"What do you do with them now? They are a nasty filthy mess.  What about your porch.  You are one insane woman."
*Once the food fight was over I took out the water hose, brought out the shampoo and gave them all showers OUTSIDE!    We scrubbed and cleaned for a good 30 minutes!  I mean really, how fun is it to have a shower outside in all your clothes while other kids from the neighborhood gathered to see what in the world was going on.  While children were being hosed off the clean ones played on the playground.
*My porch - sigh....  Well you saw the set up.  Plastic EVERYWHERE.  For the most part it was a great idea.  The plastic on the walls worked well.  The plastic on the ground....not so well.  If I were to ever do this again I would search a little harder for 1 solid piece of plastic and then I would double layer it.  It took me 2 hours to clean that back porch.  Oh and the ceiling survived pretty well...only a few things landed there.
*Yes, I am insane, but in a good way. (I think.)

Happy Birthday sweet love!
9/15/2012 12:29:59 pm

And I thought I was crazy having a Whipped Cream Pie fight birthday party for S! I will have to show him this post, he will be so jealous. LOL

9/15/2012 07:31:33 pm

Mom of the year!

9/15/2012 07:32:05 pm

LOVE IT! and I know from experience, that whipped cream on hair is THE WORST smell ever!!

9/16/2012 07:38:31 am

What an awesome idea. What a fun mom!

9/16/2012 07:39:27 am

I want to be your " daughter!" so much fun!

9/16/2012 04:31:24 pm

I had fun just by looking at the photos, I cant imagine the fun the kids had thay day. Awesome birthday party!

9/18/2012 08:35:33 am

What a great idea for a party....Loved the surprize cake attack from dad!


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