Don't laugh.  I'm including this because I used to have the HARDEST time (no pun intended, but it is kind of funny..) with hard boiled eggs.  I can't stand it when you boil eggs and then go to peel them and you can't.  The shells just crumble and that top layer of egg whites comes right off with the shell.  SO FRUSTRATING.  Especially when you are certain you have done everything 'just right'. 

So, here is my sure fire way to hard boil eggs and have them come out beautiful - every time.

Put eggs in a single layer in a pan and add just enough cold water cover your eggs.  (Starting them in cold water will prevent them from cracking).
Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. 
Once the water starts boiling, continue boiling for 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and let rest in water for 10-20 minutes (this time always varies for me since most of the time I forget about them!) 
Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and let cool at room temperature.
Once eggs are cooled you can peel them or stick them in the fridge. 
Boiled eggs in the fridge last 4-5 days.
Time to peel.....
Crack the egg gently on the counter - find the 'weak' spot in the egg.  (You will know it because it will indent deeper than any other cracked area. - see picture below.)
This is the area you want to start peeling from.
When you start peeling the egg you will notice a little 'filmy piece' right under the shell- if you take the film off with the shell it makes peeling SO MUCH easier.   
Check out the shell below....see the edge?  You can see the 'filmy' piece.
And that my friend is how to make a hard boiled egg and peel it without destroying it. 
I have NO IDEA how to do soft boiled eggs without destroying them.  I don't like soft boiled eggs anyway.

A few side notes:
I have never overcooked a hardboiled egg.  That is why I don't worry about how long I leave them sitting in the water. 
I have undercooked them. (gag!)
Peeling is easier if eggs have fully cooled.
If we are having boiled eggs for breakfast I always try to cook them the night before.

Boiled eggs and Green Machine Smoothies are a match made in heaven.   
1/17/2013 08:27:39 am

That is how I do them too (including the forgetting about them).


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