Namsan Tower is to Seoul as The Eiffel Tower is to Paris.
Maybe not quite as popular, but it is getting there. 
Everyone that lives here knows Seoul Tower.
For those of us living on Yongsan Garrison (or just me) it is even more is somewhat of a compass.
When I am lost, I look for it.
It tells me that I am getting close to home.
When I am lost (which doesn't happen that often anymore) the kids start looking for the tower.
Seoul Tower has gotten me home on more than one occasion.
Thank you Seoul Tower.
For that, I love you.
Not to mention that you are beautiful, especially when you are all lit up at night.
Since the weather here in Korea is getting a little nicer with each passing week, we decided it was time to hit a trail! 
Namsan would be our first of many trails to hike this spring.
All the kids (with the exception of Boy 1 - he would rather spend time with his girlfriend - teens...) were excited to go!
I love that they love hiking.
The part they love most is taking time to explore and search for little treasures!

Our favorite treasure on this trip was this:
This is part of the firefly habitat - which was HUGE, but if you aren't paying attention you would never even notice it was there. 
We can only imagine those intestine looking things are full of fireflies...
Specks of green = Spring is NEAR!!
Another sign that spring is near is when the Ajuma's break out the big ol' visors!
I especially love the nuns with their visors under their nun head gear.
They ROCK.
Seoul Tower up close and personal.
Sometimes I forget just how big this city really is.
When you finally make it to the base of the tower you will find TONS of locks attached to the fences, and on the "Locks Trees" (bottom center photo) This is where couples and families come to lock their love for eternity.
Awe, this sweet couple is "locking their love"!
And look....he even bought flowers for her! 
Another sign of spring, love is in the air!
Father and daughter.
Makes your heart melt, doesn't it?
The End.
There are several ways to get to Seoul Tower. 
If you want a good hike, you will need to start from post. 
Leave out the Kimchi Pot Gate.
Turn left and walk UP, UP, UP the hill.
Stay on the main street.
It is narrow and you will feel like you are going to get hit by a car several times.
And then when the hill gets really steep, KEEP GOING!
Finally you will come to a crossroad there will be a police station on your right - TURN RIGHT just after the police station. 
Walk another block (uphill) and you will come to a BIG intersection. (You will see Gentle Lady Cupcakes on your left at the top of the hill.)
Push the button, wait for the light and cross the street.
You are at the very bottom ready to start your hike. 
If you want to do the trails, go up the path and turn to your left. 
You will pass the bathroom...start your hike here.
If you want to use the stairs, don't go up the path turn left and stay on the sidewalk.
Follow the sidewalk around to the main entrance.

There are many other ways to get to Seoul Tower, bus, cabs, cars, and cable car.
There are also MANY, MANY things to do once you arrive at the tower. 
Click here for a great information if you are planning a trip to the Tower.

Happy Hiking!
9/23/2017 12:31:53 am

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