Yes, this really is a post about an airport.
Excited, aren't you?
You should be.
Incheon Airport is no ordinary airport.
I can't tell you the number of times I have flown in and out of this airport and each time I find something new, exciting and different.  Before writing this article I briefly (like 30 seconds) considered taking a field trip to Incheon just to take more pictures and find things that are still hidden to me.  Alas, I decided not to and to just go with the knowledge I have in my head and the pictures I have on my card.

Let's start with knowledge:

International Departures and Arrivals are probably the easiest I have experienced of anyplace I have traveled.  The staff is super friendly and very helpful.  Most speak good English.

Do you have a long layover or want to just spend some time at the airport, no worries....there is plenty to do! 
Movie Theaters - there is not just one, but TWO movie theaters in the airport!  Don't want to see a movie?  How about going Ice Skating instead.
The Ice Skating Rink is open year round and is in the Transportation Center.  Ice Skating is not your thing?  Did you bring your golf clubs?
The Golf Course -  (They are killing me!) is located in the International business area.  I have no idea how good or big it is...if you decided to hang out there one day please let me know - and PLEASE for the love of God and all things good, TAKE PICTURES and share your experience with me!  :)
If none of these are your thing, how about going to the Spa?
"Spa on Air" -
have your first "Korean naked spa experience" (I am assuming it is a naked spa, as I have not been to this spa) here at the airport where you can enjoy saunas, sleeping rooms and massages. The spa is open 24 hours a day so no matter what time you arrive you can enjoy a nice bit of Korean tradition.
Speaking of Korean tradition, why not check out the Korean Culture Museum or have a Traditional Cultural Experience while hanging out at Incheon? Have kids with you?  Stop off at the Children's Playroom!
Have you been on a long flight and need a shower before you can continue on?  No worries, Incheon Airport has thought of everything.  They have showers you can use for a small fee - located at the Transfer Service Complex - 4th floor.  Need to get your hair done after you shower?  Just pop into the Beauty Salon on the bottom floor.  Oh, but before stopping at the beauty salon  you should drop your dirty clothes off at the Dry Cleaners.
I almost forgot to mention the Free WiFi throughout the airport and the Rest & Relax areas where they have lounge chairs (or couches - I'm not sure which they are - they call them loungers) for sleeping.
If all that isn't enough there is FREE Entertainment throughout the airport on most days!

Check out all the things I did/saw on my short walk through maybe 1/16th of the airport.

Welcome to Incheon:  These guys were on the 1st floor singing their hearts out to anyone that would listen.  I stood on the 2nd floor looking over listening in disbelief....a concert in the airport.  Oh, and just for the record, this wasn't the only musical entertainment in the airport. 
Once I went though the gate to the international side this young lady was making sweet music on this Grand Piano!
And she was accompanied by these two lovely ladies.
I really wish I had taken pictures of the shopping...I felt like I was in a mega shopping center instead of an airport.  You can get anything from Burberry, Chanel and Coach to candy & magazines for your trip.  

If you have been following me for a while you know Korea is all about themed coffee shops and the airport is no exception to that policy.  Check out the Charlie Brown Café where you can get coffee and snacks for your trip!
And it wouldn't be Korea if Hello Kitty didn't make an appearance:
I wanted it, but I was good and resisted.
Traditional Korean Hello Kitty.
Sweet Potato Latte - so good!
So, if you find yourself stuck at the Incheon Airport for any amount of time don't worry - this is a great place to mark a few things off your Korea Bucket List!  :o)
3/14/2013 09:04:14 pm

Holy smokes I had no idea all those things were available at ICN! A nice, hot shower before going into Seoul at the airport after a 15 hour flight to get there? Brilliant!

3/15/2013 05:10:13 am

Thank you for putting this down. I cannot wait to get there this summer. We are PCS'ing and should arrive in July sometime. So can you tell me if flying in with the family pet. How are you treated? Is the dog going to be ok there when we are looking around?

3/15/2013 08:28:53 am

I am writing a post on bringing pets to Korea and hope to publish it in the next week....although I am no expert I have received most of my information from other people. I will ask around.

12/29/2014 02:52:46 pm

Wow. I guess we should all drag our knuckles back to the dust bowl where we belong. They just get in the way of the steam locomotives.

omaira serrano-rosa
10/1/2016 08:07:01 am

Other post mention you need to take a 5 minute shuttle to the golf course outside the airport. 72 holes.


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