This past week as I was looking at my Facebook account one of my Korean friends (that I met in Texas) was posting quite a bit, however I can never read her wall because it is all in Hangul.  It wasn't until she started posting pictures that I realized that she must be in Seoul!  I sent her a note to see if they had moved back.  They had not move back, however she is here visiting and having an art show in Insadong!  So Hubby, (most of) the kids and I headed to Insadong for our weekend adventure!
And so our journey begins. Waiting at the subway station.
While waiting for the train Hubby *tries* to get a cup of 'ice coffee'. Instead he gets a cup of burning hot coffee....doesn't that snowflake on the machine make you think the coffee would be cold?  Us too.
For any of you newbies afraid of using the subway here in Seoul, don't be - most things are in Hangul and then in English.
I just love this shot of my sweet boy in this alley near Insadong.  Gives you a great idea of what Korea looks like.
These are cookies!!  They tasted kind of like sugarless Captain Crunch cereal!
After a bit of searching we found where Hyunsuk's art show was being held!  You can see her name on the colorful sigh on the left side of the picture! 
Us with Hyunsuk in front of one her pieces.

After visiting Hyunsuk at the Art Gallery we were starving (surprise, now I think you guys understand how much this family likes to eat) so we ventured out in search of food.  The hardest part about eating is Seoul is picking where to eat!   There are restaurants EVERYWHERE!  We happened upon this place thinking it was regular Korean BBQ.  Can you guess what we are going to eat by looking at the picture below?

See the little duck in the chef hat in the picture above?  That my friend is telling us that this is a duck restaurant! We were so excited when we figured this out because just a couple of days ago Hubby and I were talking about how we wanted  to find a duck restaurant!   It was YUM-O!
The little lady above cooked our entire meal for us (this practice is NOT common in Korea - you cook your own meal) and she was LOVING serving our kids.  She would cut their meat and blow on their meat to cool it down.  She also put their food together for them like in the picture below and made them eat it.  AND they ate it (while gagging with a half smile on their faces) because they didn't want to be rude.  I love these kids!  :o)
After lunch the kids wanted ice cream so we stopped at this street vendor.  He was very entertaining (but his ice cream - well - not so good, however the kids didn't seem to notice).
While we were getting ice cream a bird pooped on a lady standing next to us, and then another bird pooped on Hubby.  That is when the ice cream man gave Boy 2 a gun and told him to shoot the birds!  :o)
Insadong is filled with Koreans and foreigners from all over.  Insadong has tons of art galleries and shops. This is a place we take all guest that come to visit, as you can buy all your Korean souvenirs here and there are many entertaining street vendors.  Insadong host a ton of Tea houses, restaurants and pool halls. OH, and I saw a place for Doctor Fish here as well - SWEET!  
As we were heading back to the subway we stopped in a Chicken & Beer place to have a beer.....
And snacks. Boy 2 said these taste like cheese-less Cheetos. 
Until next time.....
7/7/2012 12:17:37 pm

Hyunsuk was Andrews art teacher when we lived in Korea! :)

Beth Borelli
7/7/2012 07:06:33 pm

And snacks. Boy 2 said these taste like cheese-less Cheetos.

The question is... Trish, Can you make Cheetos that are cheese-less?

Rachel S
7/7/2012 07:10:57 pm

I am loving your new camera! Favorite pics were Boy 2 in alley (epic) and Girl at the restaurant w/lady cooking. Her face is priceless.

7/7/2012 07:11:52 pm

Love reading about your adventures in Korea; such wonderful memories! I knew Huyunsuk while in Korea- our boys were in the same Kindergarten class. :)

7/7/2012 07:18:07 pm

I love reading these and seeing the pictures. Bpu 2 holding the gun staring up at pooping birds was my favorite! Hahaaaa!

7/8/2012 08:59:19 am

Shoot...Am I the only one who didn't know Hyunduk while living in Korea?

Great post. And fantastic pics! I miss Insadong now.

Lee Ji Eun
9/6/2012 10:02:19 pm

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