It is almost that time of year again!  Time to start making lunches in the morning (or evening)!  I can't believe it is ALMOST time for school to start!   The last time I checked our kids were all still in Elementary school or not even in school!!  I'm not sure how on earth we have a SENIOR in high school (more on that later), one in MIDDLE school and 2 in Elementary.  Where did our babies go!?!  Someone PLEASE slow the clock down!

Last year someone (I can't remember who) ask me what I packed in the kids lunches.  When I told them they were in shock. Really?  I'm not that creative, I just pack left overs and I *try* to make the meals somewhat balanced.  She then told me her kids have sandwiches  I can't say I'm really all that surprised - that was me a few years ago.  It wasn't till I found these nifty little containers that I started jazzing up school lunches.  Something about them makes packing lunches more fun!  I MUST put something in each little spot, if I don't have anything to put in the spot, I figure something out NO PART MUST BE LEFT EMPTY.  I feel like if I leave a spot empty, that spot might get sad.   True story. I'm a bit of a freak like that!  Plus the kids LOVE having a variety for lunch, they even tell me that their buddies ALWAYS want to trade food with them.  Sometimes they trade, but most of the time they don't because they like what they get for the most part.  

Don't worry, I'm not making octopus hotdogs or sailboat sandwiches, just good clean kid friendly lunches.  No food art from this momma.

Just a side note..... when I was in school I got a bologna or chopped ham sandwich, a bag of chips and a Little Debbie.  Nutty Bars were my absolute FAVORITE.
All the kids wanted my Nutty Bar.  
My mom was COOL like that even though she fed me bologna.
OK, OK, I liked bologna....especially when she fried it and melted a piece of American cheese on it.
I don't think our kids have ever had bologna.
Maybe it is time to hit up the deli for a couple of slices of B O L O G N A....(I sang it that time, you know like they did in the commercial way back when.)
Did I really say 'hit up the deli"???  What I should have said is grab a pack of bologna that has the red ring of plastic around the edge.  You know the package I'm talking about.  Do they still make that?   

Anyway, let's get back on topic.  Here are a few lunches I packed for our kids towards the end of last year.  If you guys want me to, I'll try to post lunch boxes every few weeks.

Just let me know.  :o)
Pretty simple actually - I made tacos for dinner...
I put the shell in plastic so it doesn't get soggy - they build their own taco at school.  I sent a container of salsa and guacamole on the side.
Breakfast for lunch.
I just made extra breakfast this morning!
Our kids LOVE these Korean triangles.  That's what we call them. Korean Triangles. I buy them anytime I am out and about near a 7-11 and pack them in their lunch the next day (These need to be eaten fresh - within 24ish hours. )  They are rice triangles filled with different things -  bulgogi, tuna, chicken etc. and wrapped with seaweed.  Our kids like the bulgogi & tuna triangles best.    That orange mush is mashed sweet potatoes.
You can't see it, but below the celery is a layer of peanut butter.
(PS...that hot dog is Hebrew National.)
No explanation needed.
Left over grilled chicken and other goodies.
(Our kids dig peanut butter and celery in case you didn't figure that one out on your own.)
See, nothing too fancy, just good clean food (for the most part) kid friendly food! 

Sigh....just one more week of fun before it all starts up again...
8/18/2013 10:15:43 am

So where DID you get your cute little containers?

8/18/2013 01:03:45 pm

Hey Jerri! I added a link to the post, but here it is for you:

8/18/2013 11:15:48 am

Looks great! Great containers but how do you keep the bananas from not going brown- mine always turn brown especially sliced like that!!!

8/18/2013 11:58:55 am

They turn brown because they are being bounced around in a lunchbox. When they are secure they don't turn brown. :o)

8/18/2013 01:04:52 pm

I'm going to test this out! Where did you get those containers?

8/18/2013 01:06:30 pm

I added a link to the post and it is above after Jerri's comment. :o)

8/18/2013 11:45:13 am

Yum! You've inspired me!

Tracy Hurlbut
8/18/2013 01:44:24 pm

Now I want a fried bologna sandwich! : ) As always - thanks for the great ideas.

Peggy VanHoveln
8/18/2013 08:29:44 pm

Sam always loved hummus with pita and baby carrots to dip, too. These look a lot like our lunchboxes...but do you send one to high school? Sam seriously rebelled about lunchboxes at the end of middle school.

8/18/2013 08:58:45 pm

Funny thing.... just 10 minutes ago Boy 1 ask me if I would make him lunches this year. This is the first time since going into HS that he wants his momma to make is lunch. Makes my heart melt a little. :o)

8/19/2013 04:29:37 am

Do they just eat stuff cold or can they heat it up?

8/19/2013 08:23:41 am

Hi Chantal! My kids will eat almost anything cold!
I'm one lucky momma! :o)

8/21/2013 11:00:49 am

Love my bologna cooked that way too. And yes they still have the red ring bologna. Ana wants to eat school lunches KC wants to take lunches (Kindergarten go figure) LOL. So going to look into the lunch boxes and ideas would be great. So pics when you can please. And I was on the Scentsy Australia site the other night and was talking to this lady who knows you from Korea. She volunteers with PTO and school sometimes over there. They are on their 4th year in Korea. :D Pretty cool how small our world really is.


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