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My 30 day challenges.

Remember Kat's Killer Kore Klass?  (That's right the one that drives you OCD spelling and grammar freaks a little bit batty?)  Well, it's back!  And she has kicked it up a notch.  That's right.
I mean Yoga was good and all, but really, during all that quiet time I had too much 'stuff' running through my head like, "This breathing stuff is hard.  I'm not sure I've been doing it right my entire life.  Why are the birds chirping so loud?  I have so much to do I should have stayed home, I'm not really getting anything out of this anyway...I mean listen to those darn cicadas they are so loud how can I concentrate on breathing anyway?  Ok, today I must go to the dry cleaner, commissary....dude I hope they have my coconut juice & RAO's...why did I ever share that these things are so good?  Now the commissary never has them on the shelf.  Why is my dishwaserh bolted in?  I really need to pull it out and clean beside it, all that dirt & grime that I can see on the side really makes me nuts - maybe I could put a paper town on a chopstick and clean it that way. CRAP, I forgot to breath, I think I may pass out.  Did a freaking ant just crawl across my leg.  Where should we go on our next vacation?  I think I need to see a doctor, these stretches are killing my sciatica...."

Seriously, for a month.  I tried to clear my head. Maybe I'm a little ADD?  Maybe I drink too much coffee?  Who knows?  But I do know I love the Kat's Killer Kore Klass!  15-20 minutes of hard work and I'm done!  I don't really have time to think.  Oh, and just FYI, I can do a yoga head stand now and I will continue to practice some of the yoga moves at home.

Any-who....this isn't my new challenge; the Kore Klass (in the park) is now just for fun, I'm still trying to figure out what my new 30 day challenge is.  I'll let you know in the next couple of days on my FB page. 

But for now, let me leave you with the work out we did yesterday.
Remember these?  (this is an old picture and it was taken with my crappy phone.)

They are back, and better than before.

Yesterday we did:

Sit up, stand-up, upper cuts for 2 minute

Sit up, stand-up, cross punch for 2 minutes

Repeat for 16 straight minutes with no breaks.


Join us if you dare - it's only 15-20 minutes out of your day.

**PS....did I mention that Kat does this for FREE 4 days a week just because she is good, kind and giving?

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