When I start something new there is no stopping me.
I go to a Korean movie theater, I want to try them all.
AND when I see something that says "Gold Class" and the price tag for that movie is 30,000 won per person - well, I am intrigued to say the least.
In fact I was so intrigued that I bugged & begged Hubby to go to a 10:55PM movie with me just so we could try it out.
True Story.
10:55PM - That is in the evening folks - AKA - NIGHTTIME!
For those of you that know me you know this is well past my bedtime.
By the way, curfew for American soldiers that live on post is 1AM.
That's right you heard it directly from me - my 40 something Army officer of a husband has a CURFEW!
Crazy I know.

Anyway after a few minutes (he will say it was hours, but truly it was like 5 minutes) of me bugging him and calculating the time trying to convince him that he would be in on time and if not we could stay at our friends house if we didn't make it to the gate on time - he finally caved - like any good husband would do (anything to make me stop talking!)

For those of you that live here, you are going to thank me for being the guinea pig.

We bought our tickets on line here.
And we went a little early to figure it all out.
We picked our tickets up in the VIP line.
We got a super nice black envelope that held our receipt and we were directed upstairs to the VIP area.
This is the VIP lounge.
Very nice.
We totally felt like VIPs.
Only the 'cool' can enter.
Once we were seated in the lounge our waitress brought over a menu and ask us if we would like our complimentary snack and drinks now or when the movie began.  Here is the menu:
They also have another menu.  You can have lunch or a light dinner.  Prices were pretty average.  You can even order a bottle of wine for the movie if you so choose.

Hubby lounging in the lounge:
If you are in the lounge early, when it is time for your movie to start they come get you.

Inside the theater there is not a bad seat in the house.
 Each set of 2 chairs have a little table with a buzzer to call the waitress.  I believe you only have waitress service for about the first half hour of the movie.

Here is a sample of the complimentary snacks and drinks you get.
A bowl of nuts,  an egg tart each and a drink of your choice.
However you cannot get soda and popcorn.
If you want that you need to go downstairs and get that yourself.
(We did - what is a movie without soda and popcorn?  Come on now!)
What you are really paying for are the chairs.
The super comfy reclining chairs.
AND they will bring a blanket to you if you ask.
So, if you are at a REALLY late movie (say like a 10:55PM movie) and it is really boring, you might just be spending 30,000 won for a nap.
Good thing the movie we saw was NOT boring and I stayed awake the entire time.
(In case you are wondering we saw The Impossible - great flick based on a true story about the tsunami in Thailand back in 2004 - kind of hit home for us - we were in the same area of Thailand 5 years later, same dates, on vacation celebrating Christmas, 3 boys, they were missing a girl...anyway bring LOTS of tissues.)
All in all Hubby and I had a great movie experience.
Was it worth 30,000 won per person?
I think not.
If you are dating and you are trying to impress your date, do it.
Dive in and get the "Gold Class" package. 
Arrive early, enjoy the lounge. 
Oh, and you should probably spring for a nice bottle of vino too.

And yes, Hubby and I made it back to the gate with 10 minutes to spare.
1/31/2013 05:26:07 pm

Love it! Excellent review and your husband rocks!


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