Sometimes when walking in Seoul you will see something that reminds you so much of home that your feet just take control of your body and force you to go in.  That is what happened when Hubby and I were out on our date the other day.  After the museum we were in search of lunch when Krispy Kreme started singing our names.  It was like a beacon in the night.  There was absolutely no reason to fight it so we followed that beacon and it led us straight to this:  
It has been a long time since I have had a fresh Krispy Kreme.  However as you can see Korean Krispy Kreme stores are a little different than those in the states. There is no place to watch the donuts being made....they don't have fresh donuts coming off the conveyer belt but they do have quite the variety of donuts.
After you place your order you are given a buzzer.  We ordered 3 donuts and 2 coffees - it cost about $11 USD and WORTH.EVERY.PENNY.
Tiramisu donut... 
Café Hazelnut donut...
But the best donut by far was the plain ol' glazed Krispy Kreme.  It was so go we ordered a dozen to take home to the kids for afterschool snack.  (And for the cab  ride home!)

Do you need a Krispy Kreme fix?
Line 2 to City Hall Station exit 4
1st street take a right.
There will be tons of restaurants on your left.
Go to the 1st intersection and Krispy Kreme will be on the left side of the street - across the street.

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