Back in 2010 we went Hawaii as a family, while we were there we fell in love with this place.   
La Marina is oldest authentic tiki bar in Hawaii dating back to 1957.
I love the tiki bar décor!
Every night after 6PM they have live music.  The tiki bar is home to 3 different bands, all members of all 3 bands are blind.
La Mariana is a little off the beaten path and when we put the address in our GPS it too us WAY too far. 
However when we called the restaurant for directions they were spot on and we had no problem finding it.
La Mariana is a great place to have appetizers and cocktails and if you sit outside you can watch the sailboats come and go.
Aren't my friends gorgeous?  I think they both look like rock stars here. :)
Hanging with 2 great ladies. 
Both appetizers we ordered were delicious....however if I had to choose one I would go with the crab cakes.
 My mouth is watering just looking at these.
I recommend the stuffed eggplant au gratin. I got this when we were here back in 2010 and I have thought of it many times since...I went back to just so I could have this dish.  The eggplant is breaded and then deep fried then topped with generous pieces of mahi mahi, juicy plump shrimp and melt in your mouth scallops it is then covered with a white wine cream sauce.   Talk about heaven.  I am going to try to recreate this dish at home. :)
Man I love Hawaii. 
3/17/2013 08:15:13 pm

Our family is headed to Hawaii in a couple of weeks for a family reunion. I can't wait to read all of your posts. I'll be taking detailed notes on all your dining recommendations!

3/17/2013 08:34:48 pm

Lee would go back in a second, but now I'm the one yeppin' " I want to retire".

3/18/2013 09:08:34 am

OH. MY. GOSH! Looks so good!

Hi from Seoul
6/3/2021 09:13:01 pm

Thank you for this article, which is from 2013, as I have just seen, but apparently this place still seems to exist in Hawaii!
I will definitely go there the next time I have the opportunity to travel to Honolulu.
Cheers from Seoul!


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