Back by popular demand....
What I feed our kids!
(I really wish you guys could read this the way I write it, because when I wrote 'What I feed our kids' I sang it in the voice of an announcer for a wrestling tournament.)

Anyway, no doubt our kids are pretty good eaters.

In fact the other day Hubby and Boy 2 had a conversation about the food in our house.
Boy 2 gave me 9 out of 10 stars for lunch.
I would have gotten higher, but sometimes I do 'sandwiches'.

This is one of Boy 1's favorite lunch box meals.
Here is the recipe for the shrimp - super easy and super fast.  You can make it the night before of if you are like me and wake up crazy early you can make it in the morning.  I do leave out the avocados because for some freaky reason the kids don't like the avocado in this meal, even though they can eat the heck out of guacamole.  I just don't get it.
Next up...super easy.  Grilled chicken cut into strips.  We had this for dinner & I made extra for lunches.
Add a little salad, fruit and rice krispy treats and you have happy kids!  :O)
The small containers hold BBQ for dipping and salad dressing.
When I'm out of everything else, I throw together 'lunchables'. 
Lamb chops.
True story.
Lamb chops at the international market are very reasonable for some reason and the kids love them.
And I love them.
And Hubby loves the.
We are a lamb chop lovin' family.
In fact tonight for dinner we are having lamb curry.
This is something I made for dinner and made extras so we could have left overs for lunch.
The kids will eat this cold.
And they are happy about it.
Turkey breast with a little rib meat.
A little broccoli for a couple of them, salad for the other two. 
Two of our kids can't stand broccoli.
Two of them will eat it by the bowl full.
Go figure.
Want to see more of our lunch boxes?
Click here.

Happy packing!
10/16/2013 02:13:28 pm

Where did you get the plastic containers?

10/16/2013 06:57:58 pm

Trish, this is awesome My son detests sandwiches so I, too, have gotten creative and send leftovers almost daily! Love your little containers and boxes... super cool!

Caitlin Orr
2/26/2014 05:15:39 pm

I bought some lamb chops from the International market in itaewon. I was wondering how you cooked yours pictured above. Thanks:)

2/18/2017 03:21:07 am

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