I hate to admit this....
                                                       It is something you might have a hard time believing.
                                                                                    I'm a little ashamed.
                                                                             You are curious aren't you?

Confession: This past weekend was the first time I have gone out into Seoul and watched a movie at a Korean theater.  EVER.


Shocking I know.

When we lived here before movies at the theater on post were FREE.  That's right, they were FREE!!  So we really had no reason to go off post and pay for a movie.

This time around the movies are not free. (Dang it...I really liked that perk!)
They are still cheap, ($5USD) but the movie theater is a 'post' style movie theater.  You know, 1950's auditorium style.  The post movie theater kind of reminds me of the auditorium from my High School, but smaller...not that I went to high school in 1950's, heck I wasn't even born in the 50's,  But I'm sure some of you know what I am talking about.  So anyway, since the movie theater on post isn't free anymore I don't feel as obligated to frequent the theater as often...and since the movies off post aren't much more money than the ones on post ($5 vs. 8,000 Won - or $7.52USD) and it is a MUCH NICER theater with ASSIGNED SEATS, cheaper drinks/snacks...PLUS you can get Jagermeister Energy drink at a movie theater in Seoul.  I mean really..what more can one ask for? 
I did a little research and I found out that the movie theater at the Coex Mall is supposed to be the nicest theater in all of Seoul....some say all of Asia.  I can't say as I haven't been to them all.  In fact I have been to none of them.  How about this...I'll let you know if I find a nicer one.

So, trying to see a movie here in Seoul is not as easy as in the states.  You don't show up 1/2 an hour before the movies start to buy your tickets.  You order your tickets online several hours or DAYS in advance to guarantee you get a good seat.   Seriously, people around these parts PLAN their movies outings.  I ordered our tickets online more than THREE HOURS EARLY and this is the text they sent me:
We had to sit on the 2nd ROW!!  NO JOKE!!  Did I mention I ordered tickets more than 3 hours in advance?

To order tickets online anywhere in Seoul go to this website:
Cine in Korea
and you will see how easy it is.
They like it if you have a Paypal account.

This is the entrance to the movie theater.
And then you have to go down stairs to get to the ticket box.
All Korean movie theaters have little ATM type machines where you can buy tickets and print tickets.  We tried to print out tickets there but I couldn't figure it out so I when I went over to the information desk to ask how to print out the tickets they ask for my ticket code and printed them for me.  Easy peasy.
After getting our tickets we headed over to the snack bar for some yummy popcorn and we were intrigued by what all they have to offer.  As you already know you can get Jager Energy drinks, but did you know you can also get a Jager combo for a mere 14,000 won! 
It seems a little crazy to me that the Jager combo is less expensive than the Asahi combo!
And check out their nonalcoholic combos - this has got to be the best kept secret in Korea.   They are AFORDABLE - for movie prices anyway!  2 pretzels, 2 sodas & a popcorn for 9,500 won!  I'm super excited about this!
We ended up buying a popcorn combo...2 types of popcorn, 2 sodas and a hotdog for 12,000 won!
That is right...2 types of popcorn!
Cheese and caramel baby!
I liked the cheese more and Hubby liked the caramel more.
He says it is because I am cheesy and he is sweet. 
I'm not sure I agree with that. 
Isn't this bucket of popcorn AWESOME!?! 
Oh and the popcorn.... 
A M A Z I N G ! !
It was so good I wanted to go out and buy butter popcorn when we finished this bucket, but I resisted.
This way I have another 'new' thing to experience the next time we go to a Korea movie theater.

OH....I almost forgot to tell you.
There was NO CANDY counter!
How great is that?
1/23/2013 01:43:55 pm

I haven't been to a theater yet but now I'm thinking I definitely have to go soon!

1/23/2013 01:45:41 pm

I saw my first movie in a Korean theater last weekend too. Ours didn't have the two flavors of popcorn in one bucket though (at least not that I know of--it was all in Korean). Oh yeah, and we also sat on the front row. Awesome, right? I'll plan ahead better next time. I've heard the 4D kids movies are awesome.

1/23/2013 02:01:34 pm

Have you tried eating the cheese and caramel popcorn together? You wouldn't think they're good together, but they REALLY are. There's a special (expensive) place in Chicago, Garret's, that's famous for the cheese caramel popcorn mix. My sister sent me some. It was amazing.

1/24/2013 04:31:50 pm

I 'accidently' ate the cheese and caramel together and LOVED it!! I totally thought I invented it. :o)

1/23/2013 05:06:48 pm

We are regulars at the CGV cinema at iPark and really love it. In fact, I prefer movies in Korean theaters to the US version (at home or on post) - love that you can pick your seat. I always order our movie tickets via Cineinkorea as well - but I usually buy a few days in advance. I haven't been to a movie at the Coex, but I think iPark is really nice - and really close!

1/24/2013 04:32:44 pm

I can't wait to try iPark - we may even do so tonight....although I need to get much better at planning movie outings!

1/24/2013 02:40:27 pm

Next time see about getting "sweetbox" seats. It's like a mini couch you can curl up in while watching the movie. It's meant for two people so have your hubby come or someone... it's a little more but makes the experience fun.

1/24/2013 04:33:56 pm

THANK YOU FOR THE TIP!!! I love it and can't wait to sit in the 'sweebox'! I told hubby about it and he made me blush.....OH MY!


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