We are blessed.  Many people ask us how we do it - referring to how we move so often.  This is how - check it out: 
Military Brats at their finest!
         Not only do we have Army brats, but we have the Marine, Navy and Air Force brats here as well!  Life is good.
                                                                               Joint Forces, Joint Brats.

We live in a neighborhood with a TON of kids (as you can see) - some people might squirm at the sight, but for us it is a little slice of heaven. When you move as much as we do it is nice to come to a neighborhood that has so many new friends ready and waiting to greet you.  The picture above isn't even a quarter of kids that live in our neighborhood.  Our kids are resilient - they make friends quickly.  When you move every few years you tend to jump right in and not waste more than a couple of days being sad.  You plant new roots even though they may be short you know they go deep and wide and you know you don't have time to waste. You miss old friends, but this helps you not dwell on how much you mourn the loss of friends left behind. 

This past weekend two of our neighborhood teens put together a kickball tournament without any coaxing from parents.  They put notes on every door in our neighborhood and sent out Facebook messages announcing when the game would be and ask parents to bring juice boxes and popsicles.  (Girls after my own heart!)  
Little boys....always trying to be funny guys...(notice the bunny ears?)
They even recruited Boy 1 to be a team captain.
Boy 2 taking his job as pitcher very seriously.
Boy 3 having a great time just running....
and running - right past the base....
the moment he realized he ran too far.
Boy 1 about to run right over one of his teammates....
New friends, good times, not dwelling on the past - that is how we do it.
(That is NOT to say we don't miss our old friends because we do, we miss them terribly.)
Michelle Craig
8/19/2012 09:25:57 am

LOVE this...so true & we are truly blessed, especially to have great neighbors like you :)

8/19/2012 09:58:16 am

Man! Y'all know how to do it right!! Those teen girls are after my own heart too!
Love everything you said.. Just so great!!

8/19/2012 08:38:29 pm

Love the pictures!!


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